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    Oct 16, 2009
    I'm hacking pokemon fire red but...
    If I mate a wrap, this happend :

    - I mate a little house on route 1, and mate a wrap to map 4.3(Oak's lab)
    - I removed the wrap to 4.3 in pallet town
    - I delete a wraps in Oak's lab en make 3 new to map 3.19(route 1)
    - In the game, if you go into Oak's lab, you're coming on the right place
    - but if you go back to route 1 you're coming on route 1, but not by the house of Oak.

    What did I rong?


    I'm hacking Fire Red.

    But... how do you change te titlescreen with charizard and
    'press start'?


    I'm hacking pokemon fire red.

    But... how do I change te town map/fly map?
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    I'm not sure how, but you could've made one bigger thread instead of three threads.
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    wrong area. should be in GBA section.
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    Please don't make multiple threads. All merged into one.
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    Don't you mean "warps"?

    it sounds like you have the Map Bank and Map number correct, but you're not linking to the correct warp number on that particular map.

    Maybe post some screenshots of the maps and warps in AdvanceMap.

    In AdvanceMap, select the warp inside tOak's lab that you want to use, and take a screenshot (print screen button).

    Then select the warp where you want it to connect to, select it, and take a screenshot.

    That way I can see all the data that's associated with the warps.