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    It looks like a new Pokemon game announcement could be on the way, if a recent domain registration is any indication.

    pokemongray.com was recently registered by Melbourne IT, the same company that managed the domain registration for Pokemon Black and White.

    However, it could simply be Nintendo covering their bases. It's not unknown for companies to register domain names of nonexistent games simply so others can't register them. Recently, Activision had an issue with ModernWarfare3.com, which was used as a pro-Battlefield 3 platform to slander the upcoming FPS game. It should also be noted that its other-English counterpart, "grey", does not appear to be registered by Melbourne IT and comes off as a pay-per-click website.

    Recent rumors have still shown that a Pokemon Gray can still be very much alive, and following Nintendo's tradition of a "trifecta" for each new Pokemon game series (Pokemon Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum), it's definitely not outside the realms of possibility.

    Nintendo has an upcoming 3DS internet presentation this Friday. Perhaps it will unveil some clues towards a new main series Pokemon game.

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    Thanks to Biochao for the news!​
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