Gaming Rumor Pokemon generation 9 leak (Do not know if it's real) READ

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So I recently found a data leak for Pokemon Gen 9
Apparently its from a Nintendo worker who was fired so he leaked some things he heard
Heres the "leak"
Nintendo wants and is planning for 4 games in "Gen 9"
Pokemon BDSP and Legends will be the last "Gen 8" games
The mainline games will be
Pokemon Blaze and Pokemon Frost
Then we will get Pokemon Legends Mew set in ancient kanto
Then we will get a different kind of game. Nintendo wants to make a fan-service game called Pokeman and it's rated M
Nintendo is trying out anything to make money on pokemon in gen 9.

This image was also leaked along with this video showing prototype covers for Pokemon Blaze & Frost and Pokeman



The One and Only
Jun 5, 2020
Pokémon porn is popular, so wouldn't they want to make money off it?

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