Pokemon Emerald Romhacking limitations

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    For awhile now the Team Rocket community on Facebook has been working on a romhack. However, our work stopped in the earlier stages about a year ago due to an issue. I've been wanting to recruit a new team in a sense but I can promise this, this Team Rocket edition is special. The problem is that the ideas we have may not be able to done but I thought you guys might know.

    First off, we're curious if we can modify the intro scene to be a Journal flashback from Firered at the Nugget Bridge when you're given the choice of being a Rocket admin or not.

    The other problems we've ran into is, we're making it a mission based game. When you set off to your mission the Truck should act like the Fly.

    Turning dangerous situations such the destruction of the S.S. Anne into a Safari Zone step game.

    There's a lot more we plan on doing but I need the core questions answered first.
    Out of information overflow, if you want the entire storyline we're posting bit by bit here
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