Pokemon DPPt Pal Park From EZF 3-1

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    So I have a Cyclo DS Evo and a EZF 3-1 to play backups on my DS Lite. If I play through Pokemon Platinum though the device and Fire Red version using the EZF 3-1 on the device (since it's a GBA game), is there anyway to use the Pal Park mode in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum?

    For those unsure what it does, you can transfer Pokemon from your old GBA pokemon games (including Fire Red) by having the cartridge in the GBA slot, and going to a place called Pal Park in DPPt. So, is there a way to load my Fire Red rom/save file onto the EZF 3-1 so that when I play DPPt (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum) it thinks that Fire Red version is inserted in the GBA slot and would be able to read the pokemon from the save data on it?
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    Apply the so-called PokéPatch to your DP ROM. Dunno if it's available for Platinum. Search around for it.