1. princessmarisa

    OP princessmarisa Member

    Sep 6, 2006
    can anyone give me a quick breakdown of the menus for wifi and how to get things working

    i have added a few Friend codes i found onlne, does the other person also have to add me before it will work?

    i go downstairs in the poke centre
    whenever i talk to either of the nurses behind the left hand desk i go into the little room, it all connects, then i get a menu there is a top option a "lv50" option and a lv100" option i chose the top options as my pokemon are below lv 50 and the little icon changes into 2 battling pokeballs then nothing happens, same when i go to the option which shows 2 trading pokeballs in the little icon in the bar at the bottom left.

    HELP please


    also for ds 2 ds mode which i take it is upstairs, so far all i can do is go in a little room with my frind and we can do 2pkm v 2pkm battles or trade, is there anything else there?
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