Pokemon Diamond is freezing up.

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    Oct 2, 2006
    First off, whoa, thats alot of pokeymans topicz.

    So, I went to Safari Zone, or Mash thingy(whatever its called) place. I caught alot of pokemons. I leave, quickly save. Then touch my watch to look at the 'last pokemon I caught thingy', and then the bottom screen goes black and everything is frozen. Restart the game, do it again, does the same thing. Next I just go by to the computer to check my pokemans, and everything freezes up. Blllah. Annoying.

    I own an M3, game manager is V32a and latest firmware. I also own a 1gb Kingston.

    So annoying, because everything was fine.. Just now that I have saved right after that place, I can't go back.

    Any ideas? I was thinking of getting that pokesav people are talking about. But I can't find the program... Maybe one of the pokemons I caught is a bad egg??

    Thanks in advance!