Pokemon Black/White and Black 2/White 2 AP Patches

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    I just dumped my Pokemon Black and Pokemon White 2 cartridges to an SD card to play with nds-bootstrap. However, it turns out that both games require an AP patch, which I cannot find anywhere.

    I saw a thread somewhere that had the EXP patch for Pokemon Black, but I would like the full AP patch that fixes the black screens and freezes as well.

    I tried to use DS-Scene ROM tool, but it says that both games are incompatible with patches. Oddly enough, it worked just fine for Soul Silver, which I dumped the same way.

    I also viewed the AP Patch preservation thread and found patches there, but both had checksum errors, despite the fact I dumped these roms myself from my legit cartridges on my own 3DS.

    Is there something I'm doing wrong?
    My CRC32 for Black is 4F6E5580
    My CRC32 for White 2 is 777EB04F

    These are both untrimmed, unedited U region English ROMs that I JUST dumped earlier today, and copied from my SD card to my desktop.

    Help is greatly appreciated, thank you so much!
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    I'm having the same issues.
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    Watching this as well, because I need them for testing purposes, the roms I have came pre-patched when I downloaded them.