Pokemon Black and White "Leaks" (LOL)

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    There's some cleverly named ROMs going around called "4850 - Pokemon Black and White (U)(Xenophobia).nds", which obviously are either SoulSilver or HeartGold. You'd know it was a fake if you knew we were already in the 4900s by the time Black and White were announced, and that 4850 is actually the ROM Ivy the Kiwi.
    I also don't know why they're trying to frame Xenophobia for fucking with peoples' heads. And why they claim U when J hasn't even been officially released yet. It's probably because they're n00bs.

    Anyone seen any of these n00bs trying to pass off their ROMs of SoulSilver and/or HeartGold as Black and/or White?
    Talk about your experiences with such things.

    Also, I laugh at the n00bs who believe this shit.

    PS: I downloaded "Black" and "White" twice just to see what stupid fucking names they give the ROMs to hide their true selves. I LOLed at the first one ("b-pokess.nds") and the 2nd one, which is the one I described above, was pretty clever but no cigar because some of the info is wrong and/or impossible.