Pokémon Art Academy Free Downloable Special Templates [5/7]

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    Hello everyone.

    This threat is for preserving all the special templates for Pokémon Art Academy.

    As far I know, they are region free (at least America/Europe).

    Template list:
    -Mega Gengar (Not yet)
    -Gourgeist & Mismagius
    -Cosplay Pikachu
    -Hoopa (Not yet)* Japan exclusive

    More info:

    Credits to:
    EUR Rayquaza: @Feroz El Mejor
    USA Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza and Cosplay Pikachu: @noctis90210
    EUR Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Geurgeist & Mismagius, and Cosplay Pikachu: @YukikoSnowflake

    How to insert the templates:
    First you need to download the templates here on the threat, then on JKSaveManager (for example) do a backup of your Extra Data. On your computer add the files inside of the folder "Freepaint" to your "Freepaint" folder. Then go back to JKSaveManager and restore that save. You will have the new templates then!

    We are searching Mega Gengar and Hoopa, if you have any of they or know anyone who have they, please, contact me or put the files here on a comment, you will be credited as well.

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