Pokeball, strange sound, Pokemon Black

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  1. xamorok

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    Sep 15, 2009
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    So I was running in the tall grass right above the city with the wind gym, and came upon a Zeburaika. I brought it down to about 10% or so, and tossed an Ultra Ball. The Ultra Ball made a different noise while being thrown, kinda of like a zoom or a screech of some sort. The Ultra Ball then absorbed the pokemon, shook while in the air, went to the ground, shook once, shook a second time, and on the second time, the pokemon was caught. This isnt the first time it has happened, as it happened while I was catching Shibishirasu in the Electric Rock Cave. This has never, EVER happened to me before Pokemon Black, so I was wondering if someone would care to offer an explanation of the odd event. I am trying to record this while it is happening so you can have some video to go along with my explanation. I am playing it on an Acekard 2, on a ds lite, and the only modification I have made to the rom is the translation patch V 7 and the only pokesav I have used was to create a celebi in order to attain a Zorua.
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    That special sound is a sort of Critical hit for a pokeball so the catch rate gets higer
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    Too bad I can't move this to Ask.GBAtemp

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