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Discussion in 'GBA - Emulation' started by KOman, Aug 30, 2015.

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    Have been out the GBA emulation scene for a while. Getting ready to make a new cart on EZ Flash IV. Had some questions:

    1.) Is Pogoshell compatible with EZ Flash IV? If not, is there some sort of filesystem for EZ flash IV I can use so that I can play multiple different emulator on the same Flash Cart?

    2.) Which SNES emualtor is better? SNES Advance or Snezziboy?

    3.) Are there Pogoshell plugins for SNES Advance, Goomba Color, and SMS Advance?

    4.) Is there any way to play Duck Hunt and Track & Field on the GBA with the keypad taking place of the light gun and track pad accessories?

    5.) P.S. Is the pocketheaven website dead?
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    No, pogoshell is not compatible with the ezflash IV. The EZ4 uses a regular sd with a common file system, there is no need for pogoshell as the ez4 system will handle the savegames, etc. Just use the emulators (goomba, pocketnes) as standalone roms

    Can't really say anything about that apart from the fact that the GBA can't really handle SNES emulation. The efforts I used back on my old flash2advance card (SNES Advance) were impressive (as in: they ran better than I actually ever believed they could), but still very slow and often buggy. If you want SNES emulation on the go, I recommend getting a PSP

    I am pretty sure the Goomba color and SMS Advance emulators could be used as pogoshell plugins. But then again: forget about pogoshell. Not needed on the EZ4

    My memory could trick me here, but I think pocketnes used to emulate the lightgun using the dpad

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