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    Oct 24, 2002
    Sasq has just released a new version of his great tool PogoShell! The new version is now 2.0 Beta. As is stated on the homepage :

    "Main Changes
    XG1 Support
    Unified SRAM (one big bank)
    Completely themable (new GUI system) with background graphics and scrollbars
    Color fonts
    16bit graphics
    Internal BMP viewer
    Simple multiuser (to have multiple saves for one game)
    Preliminary RTC Support"

    It adds support for newer carts, and also quite a few nifty functions, such as more flexibility for themes, Multi-user support for GBA and RealTime Clock support. To get it, just take a look on PogoShell's Homepage !

    HOWEVER, there seems to be a problem : The new SRAM system is incompatible with the previous one. Use at your own risks, and know that flashing it will erase all your previous saves from the cart! Just make sure what is important on it is in your computer too, so you can put it back later.

    Please use this topic for discussion!

    Thanks to izak for the news and Leo111 for the warning!

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