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    Started getting into podcasts seriously and got a few recommendations.

    - This American Life. This is the quintessential podcast, featuring stories that will educate you on the housing crisis, help you learn about the effects of gun violence in Chicago schools and even hear the personal stories of people affected by the Guatemalan military massacre in Dos Erres. The podcast really shines when it comes to touching personal stories, most notably in the story of one man's quest to save a friend wrongfully convicted for 15 years of murder. Be sure to check this podcast out.

    - TED Radio Hour. Just got into this and I can say that it's really a great listen. While there isn't that many episodes out right now, there are still quite a few informative ones that you should listen to. A favourite episode of mine so far is Turning Points, featuring multiple stories including the one of a man's conversion from an Islamist extremist to an activist for democracy.

    - Radiolab. Out of all the podcasts mentioned so far, this is the most sciencey one of all. I'd argue that this and This American Life are the two best podcasts out there. This show enlightens, entertains, educates and intrigues all at once. I would definitely suggest getting into this. A standout episode for me has to be the Memory episode in which they entirely debunk the way most people think of memory.

    - Hardcore History. While I've only listened to one episode, I've enjoyed it thoroughly enough to be able to recommend it here. He gives his insight on topics you might not have thought of like whether Hitler was as bad a person as Alexander the Great or even what the Apaches would be like with modern weapons. He also discusses topics such as the two 20th century "Red Scare" eras and how such powerful emotions can cloud human judgment as well as the rise and fall of the Khans. History buffs and even those who might not think they like history so much should listen to this.

    - Giant Bomb. Best videogame podcast out there.
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    Oct 8, 2009
    The only podcasts I used to listen to were..... Red Bar Radio actually. This was back in like 2006. No idea if it's still around or if it's still good.
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