Pocket Nes + EZFlash IV (MiniSD)

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    I'm having trouble getting Pocket Nes to function with my EZFlash IV (MiniSD)... I compiled a GBA file that was under 32 megs and then I get white screens... If there is a better utility, please let me know. I'd like to just play NES games on it.

    Other Random Questions regarding the EZFlash 4:

    I don't like the SW bg, I downloaded other backgrounds, is it going to overwrite the firmware updates if I change the background (it sure looks that way)
    Any good Genesis/GB/GBC emulators that would work properly on the EZFlash? Lameboy? Just hold my hand through it...
    I use the EZFlash Client to transfer the GBA games, but the one time I scrolled down further and it just had a bunch of blank folders... Can I put the games in seperate folders for genre or something? 2 gigs is a lot of room to play with when the average game size is less than 20 megs.

    Oh yeah, I'm rocking this on a Micro. I already have a CycloDS for the DS stuff, But this 2 gig MiniSD should cover just about anything I'd conceivably put on it.
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    The miniSD only has 16 megabytes of RAM so unless you write it to the NOR (which is 32) it will not work.
    Assuming this is for the GBA then HVCA is also worth a look pocketheaven wiki had a nice guide on running it.

    Backgrounds: you build a new firmware update using whatever one you like (I suggest modulo's RESET loader which I bundle with all the latest client packs) and it is on my site as well. It will overwrite the updates but nothing will be lost. There are a couple of tools to do it all in the skins section of the EZFlash forums. Note however that modulo also did a noNDS loader where only the GBA loader is loaded (there is a DS code and a GBA code loader) but it does not work with the skinning apps.

    GBA code emulators:
    Genesis: no chance, a bunch of 16 bit era titles got decent ports though.
    Goomba and Goomba color do well for the GB and GBC.
    Goomba color is the only GBC emu and it is not quite as polished as the original goomba and forks of it (kuwanger did some nice ones).
    There are also mastersystem and gamegear emulators as well as a whole bunch of earlier home consoles and a lot of the emulators are more polished than their DS counterparts (cheat support, more stable).

    DS pretty much all homebrew works assuming it uses DLDI or a GBA based file system (a very small selection were limited to older supercards/M3 but nothing of note/that has not been succeeded by something better is still limited). Use the DLDI file bundled with the newest clients.

    Folders: I think the no more than 8 deep/256 characters total limit applies and you can only have 80 files to a folder but folders work.
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    Thanks Fast, I found this on the EZFlash forums to answer my initial question from a poster named Mickey:

    I have a ds lite but try this:

    download the last "pocketnes" and "PocketNES Menu Maker 1.2a"

    create a directory and extract all file in the same directory.

    copy your nes rom in the same dir.

    open pnesmmw.exe nd push "make rom" (bottom/left )
    the out is: PocketNESMenu.gba
    copy this file on your sd
    and lunch...
    it's work for me...

    patch this file (PocketNESMenu.gba) with dldi patcher...

    or try to "flash" your ez 4 with new loader...



    So that sorted out that bit, I'm now running PocketNES with the Top 100 rated NES games (and some ridiculous ones from childhood like Anticipation) as one glorious big file.

    Pity about the lack of a Genesis emu, I could really use some Comix Zone and Vectorman. I'm tempted with the GB/GBC emu, I liked I think Lameboy for the DS, how you could toggle on the green filter for the old Gameboy titles, however I always thought (even back in my toaster GB days) that it'd be cool if it had a slight bluish/gray tone instead of green. I wonder if that's possible?

    One last thing about folders, if they already have the SAVER file, is it save to make folders based on Genres and the GBA files will still save properly? I tried to add a whole slew of GBA titles (possibly going beyond the 80 limit) and I'd be scrolling down then all the sudden there would be all of these blankly named folders, then when I checked in My Computer there was nothing else on the card.
    Thanks for the help though, it's working great!
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    All files are in the saver folder by themselves, it is a viewing bug so as long as you do not view the saver folder you should be good.

    As for pocketnes make sure to have a look at Dwedits versions (make sure to check the forums at his site) as well as kuwangers pocketnes and HVCA.

    The GBA really was the new home of the 16 bit port, no vectorman as far as I know but
    comix zone:

    While we are at it
    sega arcade (afterburner, super hang on, space harrier and outrun):

    Sega Smash Pack
    A version of sonic, golden axe and ecco.

    Phantasy Star 1,2 and 3 got a collection (no 4 unfortunately)

    There are many many more ports and most are pretty good (sound is a bit lacking in some as the snes and megadrive had decent sound systems for the time).
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    Correction all EZ-Flash-IV's have 16MB of Psram ad 32MB of NOR

    With the only exception's being the delux And Compact version of the lite model
    Deluxe - 32MB Psram and 64MB NOR (it may be less than 64 but more than 32)
    Compact - 8MB Psram And 16 NOR

    Hmm i was also gonna say make sure you soft reset into the emulator