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    OK I went to this site: and was reading this part: Burn the .iso image to the blank CD/DVD.
    Be careful that you burn the image to the disc and don't just burn the .iso file itself
    Check the contents of the burnt disc to ensure that it contains several files and folders. If it only contains the .iso file, then you did not follow the previous step correctly.
    Have the drive you wish to format plugged into the PC and then reboot the PC and choose to boot from the disc
    This will happen automatically on some machines
    Check for messages as your computer boots to see if there is a key you should push for a "Boot Menu" or "Boot Options"
    If you have an older PC, you may have to edit the Boot Order in the BIOS to make sure the CD is booted before the hard drive. BIOS is typically accessed by pushing the Delete key or F12 key during startup (a message will usually tell you what to push). Check your Motherboard's manual for more info.
    Some MACs can't boot non-Mac OSes in this way. You will need to partition using Mac tools.
    From the menu that shows up, choose to boot GParted Live (Default Settings)
    If you have a QWERTY keyboard, you can choose "Don't touch keypad". Otherwise, select your keyboard type from the full list.
    Select English by pushing Enter (it is default)
    Select screen resolution (either choose the default or push 1 followed by Enter to choose a specific resolution)
    Wait as GParted starts and scans your drives
    Use the drop-down box at the top-right of the GParted window to choose your USB drive to be formatted. It will typically be /dev/sda.
    Warning: DO NOT choose /dev/hda here. That is your PC's hard drive.
    You will see your drives existing partition/s. You need to make space for your Wii games. This can be done by either of the following actions:
    Delete partitions - choose an existing partition and delete it if you want to use all it's space for Wii games. Existing data on the partition will be lost.
    Resize partition - shrink a partition either at the front or back to create room for a new partition on the drive that can be used for Wii games. Existing data will not be lost as long as there was enough empty space within the partition.
    Once you have a large enough segment of unallocated space, select it and choose New
    Create the new partition with the options "Create as: Primary Partition" and "File System: unformatted".
    The sequence of steps that will be performed to accomplish everything you have requested is displayed at the bottom of the GParted window. Review that now to ensure it is correct
    When you are happy with the sequence of steps, push the Apply button
    Follow instructions for any remaining prompts and wait for the partitioning to complete
    Note: this could take hours for some actions, like moving large partitions.
    When done, move your drive back to your Wii and start USB Loader. It should detect and format the unformatted partition you just created to WBFS and start working.

    I am kinda confused...can I format my USB drive this way?
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    That sounds like instructions to partition a hard drive. Partitioning makes your hard drive appear as two (or more) volumes instead of one. THis is recommended so you can keep your movies, documents, etc. in a FAT32 partition, and your Wii games in the WBFS partition.

    To format a partition to WBFS, just load up a WBFS manager that can format as WBFS (such as... WBFS Manager) or a USB loader (most have the function built-in).


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    So it cant partion a removeable thumb drive?
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    Wow thats alot text so i don't mind reading all.

    If it's a harddrive for USB loader, u should try formating it with Waninkokos USB loader. i had alot of problems trying formating my harddrive and Waninkokos was the only1 that worked for me [​IMG]