Please tell me about the EZ Flash V, in its current state.

Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by Nickoten, Apr 4, 2008.

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    I recently canceled an order for a DSTT for a friend of mine, and I'm looking into similarly priced alternatives that don't have the same problems with build quality. Can someone explain its good points and problems as of the current firmware (This is important) as compared to the R4? I realize the R4 isn't the best on the market, but it's the only card I have experience with.

    So, how is the build quality? The homebrew, multiplayer, and DS game compatibility? Is it reliable? Thank you in advance.
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    I will not say the EZ5 is a market leader like perhaps some of the early models have been but if you can get it up and running it is a solid (if rather basic) cart.

    Build quality:
    Most people have problems with software and rarely do we hear of dead carts on the support forums.

    DLDI is the de facto standard so if it can use that it will run. Autopatching is available.

    Multiplayer: no download play support as of yet (it has been promised but the stuff below took precedence but flashme works still.

    Compatibility: aside from the crystal chronicles rom (which has a patch and/or cheat code) it works for near enough everything. A few roms have broken soft reset but that is normally updated every week or two (or sooner).

    Main problems:
    the original cart did not come with anything so a couple of months back the team announced the new years edition (normally dubbed nye) that came with a screen cleaner, thumb stylus....... and a change of hardware.
    This change caused some sd cards (it was narrowed mainly to stuff like the 2gig Japanese kingston cards which you may have heard of at one point as being the best (and they were, they have since been surpassed by something else))
    The 1.71 closed beta and the new 1.72 open beta (which changed saving method directly to card) have pretty much alleviated this problem though. A note on closed betas: they are not closed in the traditional sense but it means anyone wanting to use it will have to take a trip to the irc channel for a link (which is normally in the topic) or if you ask nicely you can get it PMed to you.

    Updates: originally fairly simple you now may have to follow a method which seems a bit complex for some and when compared to other cards but it amounts to follow a few simple steps.

    In short: it is not up there with the likes of the cyclo and SC one for software and not being as popular as the likes r4 means fewer skins (although there are still a load of them) and tools (aside from the 3 in 1 stuff) but it functions as a decent entry level cart.
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    The newer NYE of the cart have issues saving, but some people on the forum think that's why there's a 1.72 BETA with direct saving to the MicroSD now because NYE has trouble saving to the chip, so they want to make everyone happy.
    Fast6191 covered pretty much the entirety of EzV.
    -DLDI is autopatching now
    -Rom compatibility is about 99.99%, with a few exception to a few shovelwares and FFCC:RoF (which can be fixed by some cheat/patch)
    -Moonshell is integrated directly into the GUI, which I find really nice, play music right away or boot a game.
    -I don't like the GUI after 1.41, but it's managable.
    -Not SDHC compatible, and never will even though it has that acetel chip, it needs to be flashed again by the team to get it to be SDHC compatible. However someone on the forum bricked their cart flashing updates to it (renamed a file wrong and ended up flashing something other than the update) has info on flashing it yourself possibly. He is just waiting for EzTeam to give him the info and files.
    -Support is on and off. Meaning, you'll go months without any official support, then suddenly they pop back in. However, because of it's good compatibility with new releases, support is sometimes not even needed.
    Right now I'm looking at the EDGE because to me compatibility wise is like the EzV, good with new releases. The biggest reason for me getting an EDGE is SDHC, nothing else other than that really.
    I think if EzV could support SDHC, I really wouldn't look at any other card, unless perhaps you're looking for download play.