Please help with backing up saves from real gc mc to Nintendont

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    On reddit someone gave a how to

    1. Download GCMM onto your SD card (put it in the apps folder)

    2. Put it in your wii, as well as your memory cards, and run it from the homebrew channel.

    3. Make a raw backup of your entire memory card to SD or HDD.

    4. Remove your memory card, and start a game with NMM enabled.

    5. When your game starts, it will automatically create a NMM save if NMM is set to enabled. Power off the wii and remove SD and HDD, put them in your pc. You want to swap the newly created NMM file with your real save. Find the folder called MCBACKUP on your SD or HDD root, and also the SAVES folder on the root of your SD or HDD. The MCBACKUP has the backup of your card you created in GCMM, and the SAVES folder has the NMM file that Nintendont created when you played the game briefly.

    6. Start Dolphin and use the memory card manager to open both your backup and the NMM file side by side. Delete the savegame created by Nintendont, and copy over the save from your real memory card backup.

    7. Put your HDD and SD back into the wii and start Nintendont again (with NMM still enabled). Start the game you played briefly earlier, and you moved the save over for, and your save should now be a NMM file, and the real save is still on your gamecube memory card. It should load the save.
    Do this for every game that has a save you want to keep (starting at the 'start the game in Nintendont to let it create a save file' part, if the next file you want to copy over to NMM is from the same memory card you backed up) It's how I have my smash bros and zelda saves as NMM files, and the memory cards are now safely stored away. Your entire memory card backup is also still safely in the MCBACKUP folder. I did this for only a few saves and it worked fine. Remember to use a save with the correct version of the game (ie don't try load a PAL wind waker save with the NTSC wind waker) and you shouldn't have any problems.

    I'm on step 6 trying to open the saves side by side in Dolphin. The problem is all of the saves from GCMM are in .gci format and dolphin is only looking for .gcp and .raw formats. So it says no results found. So it says 'no items matched your search". I tried to rename a save to .gcp but that didn't work. Anyone else done this that could help?
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    Read carefully your step 3 - you made backups of individual saves instead of whole memory card backups!

    And, if you have a single meory card and don't want separate virtual memory cards for every game, you can simply rename the full card backup to "/saves/ninmem.raw" and set memory card emulation to "multi" :)