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    Aug 25, 2006
    United States
    I first bought a supercard in March. I guess I bricked it by accidently turning it off during the sd160 kernal update(i had already updated the kernal and hit it on accident.) I contacted the distributor and got a replacement.

    Today is the first day that I had tried to put on a GBA game on my supercard since I got the new supercard back.

    I tried 2 roms and I even tried the sd160 kernal and not one of them worked.

    When I turn on my DS and go to the supercard menu... i load the game and the

    "Game boy advance" logo comes up but hte nintendo logo at the bottom is blurred.
    After that it stops and does not go past that screen...

    I could live without GBA games but I am afraid i will not be able to update the kernal as that file would not work.

    GBA games work in cart form still. And NDS roms work as well as cart form.
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