1. Tranman409

    OP Tranman409 Member

    Mar 3, 2006
    I had a fat DS and it ran my supercard SD perfectly. I recently screwed it up so it wouldnt load up my supercard anymore. I was trying to update the firmware but it failed during the process so I had to restart it. Now my phat DS had the latest firmware and wouldnt load up supercard. I traded in my DS for a black onyx DS lite.

    So now I just purchased a superkey and tried to get it to work with my DS lite. Well, I put in my superkey with my supercard SD and when I start up my DS, it just has 2 white screens. It doesnt load up the menus or anything. Do you guys have any tips?? Or do I have to buy a new supercard for DS lite
  2. tama_mog

    tama_mog Kupo

    May 6, 2006
    United States
    when you say you tried updating the firmware, which are you updating? the ds or the supercard?

    If you were trying to install flashme, then the only way you bricked the ds is if you had it immediately shut off before 1%....

    But I'm guessing you were upgrading the firmware of the supercard and didn't research enough to know that 1.63 originally bricked some supercards and there are ways to fix that afterwards.

    I don't think you need another superkey if you botched up the firmware upgrade for the supercard because that's the source of your problems.
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