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    Nov 19, 2003
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    Long story short, I banner bricked my Wii. It'll be replaced/fixed soon enough, I believe. But until that time, I'm looking for someone to help me test my banners. I certainly won't be installing any bannered WADs on my new Wii until I've tested them properly, so that's where you help me.

    JParadox created a 6 MB ISO for testing his banners out. Basically what it does is use a slightly modified 00.app as an opening.bnr on a Trucha signed disc. Using this disc, it's 100% safe to test banners before installing the WAD. Over the next few weeks, I hope to (successfully) make several bannered games for myself while waiting for my Wii to be fixed.

    My first banner is for Pro Wrestling injected into Punch Out!! for the NES. It has a custom banner, icon, edited banner.brlyt and a blanked out emanual. If you're willing to test the banner for me (remember, it's 100% safe using JP's ISO), please download and burn the ISO from here:


    JP suggests using the newest version of ImgBurn as it handles tiny ISOs better than other programs. Also, you'd probably do well to use a DVD-RW and not waste a disc! Post back with the results. If the banner and icon display properly, then the WAD is safe to install!


    EDIT: It works! deba94 tested the WAD for me. All is well! Thanks, deba!
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