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    So I am about to go back to school and my roommate has a Wii. He wants it modded so that he can run a USB Loader. I just have a few simple questions.

    I am thinking about a My Book Passport 320GB it seems that this drive is the best with no compatibility problems ever. Is this true or is there one I can get to save money. My Wallmart sells the Passport for $60, I can't imagine a much better deal. Though I wouldn't mind spending a bit more for more GB.

    Is USB LoaderGX still the best? It was when I last read about it.

    If you update your modded Wii through a disc it will brick your Wii. Is there some sort of protection like will USB Loader rip the update portion out of the game so you are never even prompted? (It seems that WBFS Manager 3.0 will remove the update partition with by keeping only the game partition. Does this work all the time?)

    If you don't update will you not be able to play the latest games (like it is with the PSP)?

    If there is a new firmware how easy is it to upgrade to the latest custom firmware, like the PSP is it as easy as running a program? (I read up on this and figured it out)

    Could anyone give me a quick rundown on what these cIOS or IOS's are? I am confused by all of the different versions I am reading about. (I read up on this and figured it out)

    And if you have any other tips/tricks I would love to hear them and would really really appreciate it!

    Thanks much!

    EDIT: I read many of the guides on this site and some of my questions were answered, if people could help me with my others I would be grateful.
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