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    Please help me.

    Sorry I am turning this into a story...but here goes...

    The other day I had to make a tough decision when I made my purchase. I am old school and have like a dozen old classic Game Boy games (monochrome) when I had to make a decision...purchase a GBA SP that can play GBA games as well as old school Game boy games, or give up the opportunity to play old school tetris and Final Fantasy Legend I II III by purchasing a Nintendo DS which does not support OLD SCHOOL Game Boy games. I chose to purchase the newer [​IMG] Nintendo DS Lite hoping to purchase cartridges that still contained "Classic NES" games like Metroid and Bomberman...until I found this website indicating that I can purchase some sort of a USB device and card and then transfer my game boy and NES games via a PC or even an SD Card. I have seen like a dozen diferent cards for the GBA or DS and don't know where to start. I am not really looking for one that does DS games, but mainly GBA games including ones that can support a 8,003kb rom called Pocket NES that has over 70 classic "Legal" Roms which includes a cool game that I used to play when I was like 12 years old called Blaster Master. I have already legally downloaded it and would like to know what is the cheapest chip or component that I need to purchase to play this game as well as other Legal HomeBrew Roms right on my Nintendo DS.

    Do I have to purchase a flashcard? Do I purchase a PassCard? I am willing to either purchase the cheapest one on the market or the best one on the market. I want to play at least GBA games but I would also like to Play Bonks' Adventure on the PCE/TG-16 EMU and or play Sonic the HedgeHog for the Sega.

    [​IMG] Thanks for the info in advance.

    Did I mention that I have three GBA cartridges and still have yet to purchase a DS cartridge!? I only bought this DS because it was the new hip toy to play and it would play GBA games like the WPT Poker game that my wife bought me and the Final Fantasy I & II cartridge that I bought myself on ebay for $8.50. I am interested in Final Fantasy games.
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    If you only want GBA then you do not need a pass device, they are available for less than the price of a DS game in some cases but that is a different matter.

    Best is going to be subjective but my suggestion if you want a flush cart for your lite with good GBA rom support then it would be an EZ4 deluxe: it takes microSD cards has a bunch of onboard memory and should serve you well for GBA purposes. Prices are around $50 US + memory card (512 ones are not that expensive these days and considering GBA games are normally 8 or 16 megabyte you can see where this is going.)

    The transfer via a PC may either refer to the linker some carts use or the multiboot method which you will not be able to use with your DS (no link port).

    As for pocketnes I have played it often with my EZ4 and if you do end up with a pass device you can experiment with various DS code emulators too (more features, better scaling and such).

    Oh and as for old style GB games they are very well emulated by goomba so you can play them on your DS:
    and GBC ones are done well by goomba color (you can play GB games with colour palettes with Goomba color too):

    All the early final fantasy games except 6 and 3 (Japanese numbering) are available for the GBA now (I believe 6 is coming soon and there is a port of 3 for the DS out in Japan) as well although some of the ports are of questionable quality in some places.

    Either way welcome to GBATemp.
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    Also, to let you in on a secret. I filed away the piece of plastic on my ds that was keeping me from inserting my old gameboy games. It does void the warranty but it doesnt harm my system. I am stuck in the dark ages also... addict even.

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    The machinery isn't in the system to run gameboy games.

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    Well, they may have removed it from the ds lite, but my ds phat still plays them. Sorry for the misinformation.
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    if you're only going to play gba games, you shuld get a EZ flash or something [​IMG]