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    Here's their terms of service for the available downloads.

    Download is subject to the PLAYSTATION®Network Terms of Service/User Agreement and any specific additional conditions applying to this item. If you do not wish to accept these terms, do not download this item. One time fee for use of downloads on up to 5 activated PS3™/PSP™ systems."

    This raised a few questions.
    Pardon if some of them sound stupid.

    -What do they mean by "5 activated systems"?

    -How do you (or they, for that matter) tell if your system(s) are "activated", and how do they keep track of 5?
    I assume it has something to do with connecting to the internet - and in that case does custom firmware become an issue?

    -Do you download to your PC and transfer to memory stick, or is the PSP hooked up to the computer via USB with the files going directly to it?

    -I heard it creates a LICENSE folder in the PSP directory. What are the files in there for?
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    Well, I registered just yesterday, I tried to download a demo and I couldn't, there were some files with no extension.
    The "activation" must mean that what you download will only work in only 5 PSPs/PS3s, just like the iTunes songs.
    If you have to actually create a license on you system, that would suck.

    I'll try to install something later to actually be a little more helpful.
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    Keep me/us posted.
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    I have no idea how to download from that store. I'm familliar with the ps3's store, but with the pc store I can't even download a tralier... it just give me an extensionless 2kb files which i've no idea what for
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