PlayStation State of Play - October 27th

It's time to see what third-party games will be available for PlayStation 5 in the upcoming months. Come check out the latest State of Play broadcast, airing today, or check back to see our coverage of the stream.

The first game is a game-show style battle royale game. Deathverse is the game, where you'll fight for survival. Launches next year on PS4 and PS5.

We Are OFK is a music biopic game. It'll have five episodes detailing the band's story, with interactive music videos. 2022.

Bugsnax is getting an expansion. The Isle of Bugsnax. free DLC in early 2022.

A new trailer for the upcoming Five Nights at Freddie's game is shown, with all the animatronics. December 16th launch.

Death's Door is launching November 23, with pre-orders giving a free copy of Titan Souls.

Kartrider Drift is a kart-racing game. It's free to play.

Delores is headed to KOF XV. There's a beta with eight characters and online matchmaking. February 17th.

First Class Trouble has you play as either a resident or personoid, where you have to foil the other's team, somewhat like Among Us. You'll have to determine which resident is a personoid. November 2 launch, PS+ users get to play it for free.

There's a new Star Ocean game. Coming in 2022, Star Ocean: The Divine Force, Tri-Ace is developing.

This next game has you travel with your crew across an overworld. Flocks of sheep may try to block your path. Except that's just setup for a tonal shift. After being thrown into a pool with a monster, you'll be fighting in third-person action combat and dealing with survival elements. Little Devil Inside.

That's it.
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