Firmware PlayStation 4 gets 6.0 firmware update as well

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by Chary, Sep 13, 2018.

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    I've played a lot of Rez Infinite and it has never crashed.
  2. Dvdxploitr

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    I don't know what the point is to all these freaking updates that do next to nothing for the system. I don't play my PS4 very often, so literally every time I do play it, there is a firmware update and/or update for the game I am wanting to play. Firmware 6.0 did nothing for Remote Play, I know that much, usually I sit on the couch and run the Remote Play app while playing on my used to be okay...i'd get disconnected once in a blue moon (maybe 1 time in a 3 hour play session) but now i'm getting disconnected every 10 minutes. Like I can connect via Remote Play, start up Destiny 2 and by the time game boots, connects to server, let's me select my character I have already had a disconnect. By the time I reconnect, select my destination and load into it, within a couple minutes, i'm disconnected again. It used to not do this...i've not changed ISPs, my PS4 is hardwired into the router and i'm 5-10 feet away from the router on my laptop...
  3. DS1

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    I am speaking specifically about Area X, all other portions of the game have worked fine.
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    No backwards compatibility will never come because Sony is on top and they don't have to negotiate with their players. It's also why we'll never get cross play either. The introduction of PlayStation Now basically told backwards compatibility fans to go fuck themselves
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    compatibility isn't great though
    also they could make it so you can put in a ps3 disc and get verified to to use playstation now to play that game without paying for playstation now service
    and increase the library of ps3 games
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