Playstation 2 - HDloader, black screen to all games

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by 1stkirbyever, Jun 29, 2010.

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    Hello, you may remember I made a topic a long time ago about cogswap, well I gave up after that since my DVD-R discs didn't work.

    I learned about "HDloader" for the Phat-PS2, but learned it required a network adapter. After 2-3 weeks I finally received it in the mail. After adding the ISO's (they're completely legal, I have a hard copy), it seemed that every game I booted up lead to a black screen (I also checked, the HDD was not loading any information after booting the game), I just thought it might have been the hard drive itself so I tried yet another one, and I still saw the cursed black screen, and I've tried over ten hard drives already, so I thought maybe trying a new HDloader would work, instead of getting a black-screen, I got a pink screen.

    All the games are completely compatible, so please don't say "Are you sure the game is compatible?".

    I have searched a searched but have gotten nothing, I am hoping someone will know how to fix this issue so I don't have to regret spending $30.

    Here are my specs:

    *V9/10 Playstation 2
    *Running via Playstation 1 Disc - memory card exploit (Booting HDloader.elf)
    *No Mod-chip
    *Ethernet Adapter
  2. George Dawes

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    Did you use hdlpatcher with a clean hdl .elf and select all the options/patches you need?
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    1. You want to install Free McBoot to your memory card. It allows you to add any homebrew you want to the ps2 browser => you don't need the ps1 disc anymore.
    2. Get Open PS2 Loader, it works a bit differently as HD Loader, so chances are that one works for you while HD Loader doesn't
    3. Do you really do not have a modchip? Your issue sounds like you have a modchip.
    4. You may want to try these 2 methods:
    - Format the HDD with HD Loader and install a game from a retail disc
    - Format the HDD with WinHIIP V1.7.6, and installa game with a retail disc / .iso
    5. It's sometimes important how an .elf was booted, maybe booting the HD Loader .elf with Free McBoot instead of the exploit might already do the trick
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    hd loader v0.8c worked fine for me
    I had the exact same setup

    v10 ps2
    independence exploit

    I use free mcboot now, it still works fine though

    have you tried adding a game through hd loader? (not hdd hooked up to computer and using a program)
    winhiip has worked fine for me, it gets glitchy sometimes on the newer os's