Playing Zelda BotW in English on a Japanese Wii U?

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    I have a retail copy of Zelda BotW (Japanese) and a Japanese Wii U. If possible, I'd like to play the game in English. I understand the English language data is on the disc. Is there any way to spoof the Wii U into thinking it's booting in an English language environment?

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    wait, is there actually english data on the disc? I thought it was specific language per region? Like english only has english.
    Switch is the one with all languages, I believe.

    If I'm right in saying there is no english data on the disc, you can use haxchi and since you already bought the game, find the file on the web.
  3. TheBufferPiece

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    The NA/PAL have different languages on the disc (they don't however have Japanese). The JP version of the game hasn't been uploaded online yet, so we don't know what language files are included in that... Unless OP runs tik2sd and uploads it onto that Wii U tik site, we couldn't know if English is on the JP disc.

    *cough cough* hint hint
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    So far, the only information we have is that the EU disc contains the following voice language folders: EUde, EUes, EUfr, EUit, EUru, USen. The US disc has the following: EUfr, USen, USes, USfr.

    We really don't know what languages are aviable in the JP version of the game but I assume USen should be at least present, since it's included in both EU and US versions. It would be quite easy to change the language if the actual language is present on disc, but like @TheBufferPiece said, no one has yet to upload that version of the game online, so if you would dump the .tik file with tik2sd you would make a great favor to everyone waiting for an UNDUB version of the game, since we are missing the japanese language folder that's only aviable in the JP version of the game that we don't have any access to, so far.

    There is a tutorial for changing the language here ( but I assume there would be a simpler method that involves hex editing one of the game files.
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    Feb 6, 2016
    just use Mocha and install us/eu version of BOTW using wup installer gx2
    Works fine on jap wii u and the language is all in english