Playing Wii game discs on the Wii U

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    I just recently acquired a Wii U, I got this console because I want to play both some Wii and Wii U titles that I have never had a chance to play. The reason I am starting this thread is to ask about the best current form of playing Wii game discs on the Wii U since I know that currently the Wii Virtual Console is no longer in service and I am no longer able to purchase digital Wii titles.

    I heard that the Wii U doesn't truly upscale Wii games and Wii games look better when playing on a Wii through component cables in HD than the Wii U does upscaling Wii game on HDMI? Is there no other means of helping this issue out to play Wii games in there best possible display?

    Also, I heard that the Wii Virtual Console is no longer in service but can I still play other retro Nintendo Virtual Console games such as SNES or GBA and N64 on the Wii U, is this service still available?

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    Well I don't know about upscale, but I guess if you set the video settings to 480P, it wouldn't bother to upscale? (not that I know what it is.)

    But this thread was here earlier.

    Second, as you said, no more wii vc, but you can download on eshop vc games. But you can also use a emulator. It far better to use than the vc games since they are usually darker and have edits to remove flashing or censorship (In rare cases are even modified from the original cart in minor ways) Simply install homebrew channel on vwii or use "RETROARCH WIP" on wii u. If you wan vwii homebrew, you have to install homebrew channel using a variety of methods. The way I did it was with super smash bros brawl and a 2GB SD card. But There should be other ways. :ninja:

    As for wii ware games, good luck on that. No wii shop, only way is to use wad files and wad installer homebrew. :blink:
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