Playing Sonic Mania with a Wii Remote! [Download]

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    I've made a simple script that uses GlovePIE to play Sonic Mania with a Wii Remote (on it's side, adding Wiimote + Nunchuck, Classic Controller and Multiplayer support scripts soon!).

    Here's a video of the script in action! -

    • Wii Remote
    • Bluetooth
    • GlovePIE (Included with the download of the script.)
    • 1x copy of Sonic Mania (Please don't pirate Sonic Mania, support the developers because this is an amazing game and it's totally worth the money)
    Please watch this video made by Jack Sorrell if you are unaware how to connect your Wii Remote to your computer.

    Once connected, open GlovePIE and then open my script file, click RUN and then launch Sonic Mania in Steam and you're set!

    Download -!NVNUCagT!6lLETBOsqQzIDitcYarDjlH7mj30Bl-qdWFLPzd1CcA (If MEGA doesn't work for anyone, just say so and I can upload it to more places like Mediafire and Dropbox.)
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    I want to play skyrim with a wiimote and nunchuk :D how do I do that??
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