playing original non-NTSC/J gc games on Japanese Wii

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by tommitek, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. tommitek

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    Aug 17, 2009

    I have a Japanese Wii (4.1J) softmodded with homebrew and all that. I recently went back home to australia for a holiday and i unpacked a box i left at my folks place and brought back some of my original australian pal games to play on my wii back in japan. I have preloader installed on my wii and enabled the region free gc games hack. on the system menu, the discloader channel recognized the nintendo gamecube disc, but once i pressed start, it goes to wanikokos gc backuplancher screen with an error message saying it cannot read the dvd, followed by green screen, followed by blackscreen.

    i then tried to use the gcbooter application through the homebrew channel, and this would read the game, and then get to the stage where it asks you to press A on the gc controller (which i did) then, it said launching game, after which the screen turned into a frozen mess (like green digital vomit)

    i then even tried to use the wii region changer, and also any region changer, but for some reason, even though i put in the application onto the sd card (in the correct folder etc), the application doesnt show up when i load the homebrew channel....

    if someone could help me sort this problem out. i really want to be able to play my original PAL australia gamecube games on my japanese wii

    Thanks in advance
  2. damysteryman

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    Oct 4, 2007
    It sounds like a video mode conflict to me. PAL games on an NTSC wii...

    cMIOSes don't patch the video mode for original discs, only burned ones...

    How often do you use burned GC games?
    If it not very often, you might want to consider reinstalling an ordinary MIOS over the cMIOS. It will stop burned GC discs, but your PAL original ones might work in gcbooter if you did this.
    If you use burned ones heaps, then you might just want to make copies of your PAL ones, and use them instead, and maybe try using WiiGator's GC backup launcher 0.2 instead of Waninkoko's.
  3. tommitek

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    Aug 17, 2009

    i dont use burned gamecube games at all. but i do play a lot of backed up wii games.
  4. razorback78

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    Aug 3, 2009
    why don't you try to launch your gc games using neogamma then.
  5. shredman

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    Aug 9, 2007
    down under
    ntsc systems can not play back some pal gc games
    especially if the game never had a pal 60 hertz option or progressive mode

    if you can force the system to boot a gc game with a particular video mode (namely pal 50) then
    the game should work -

    i have a jpn wii which simply cannot play back more than half of my gc games collection
    i have resorted to sourcing ntsc versions of my games

    for me as said above all non pal60 compat games do not boot

    nb - out of region (ntsc) gc games do boot on pal wii's because the system supports all the video modes

  6. tommitek

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    Aug 17, 2009
    hey there. this post is for anyone who cares, including perhaps shredman. i found a way to make it all work (so far. ive tried 5 different games that didnt work before, and they all work. i will add to this thread if i come across any problems.

    the way i managed to make it work was to use the "any region changer 1.1b" app via homebrew. once it loaded i went to the edit region settings section and did this.

    language setting = (ie. i DID NOT change this)
    console area setting = japan (ie. i DID NOT change this either)
    game region setting = europe (ie. i changed it from japan to europe)
    console video mode = PAL (ie. i changed this from ntsc)

    everything else i left as it was

    then i went down to save settings, pressed A

    then went all the way down to reboot to system menu pressed A

    and thats it!

    when the system menu booted back up, i simply chose the disc channel, clicked on start (or in my case ????, japanese wii and all)

    now what happened after this was i got the Gamecube backup launcher (wiigator) screen with the error message "failed to read DVD 345". promptly followed by the green screen (all the same as before), but then the green screen went black, and the GC game started playing

    like i said this has worked with 5 games so far, and i will keep trying the rest and post if i encounter any problems. so hopefully i wont be posting on this thread again, fingers crossed.

    (NOTE: as i mentioned previously i have preloader.29 on my machine as well, and the region free GC games hack needs to be enabled for this to work.
    ALSO, it is important to note that the modification made to your console (ie. game region setting & console video mode) stays that way until you load any region changer again and change it back.)

    Now off to go play some of my favourite old games. YEEEEEEE-HAAAAAA!!!