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    Mar 26, 2015
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    Recently I acquired this TV → Samsung - 49". Currently I have connected to it my Wii U using the Nintendo HDMI cable it came with. Under "System Settings" I have the TV Resolution set to 1080p through its automatic feature. So, I have a few Wii games that I downloaded through the eShop, one of them being LOZ: Skyward Sword. I don't really own any physical Wii games, the reason I mentioned that in the title was to attract discussions in the form of comparisons when discussing digital vs physical game visuals.

    A lot of people have suggested to me that when playing any kind of Wii game on the Wii U whether it be digital or physical to go into the Wii U's "System Settings" and change the resolution (image quality) of my TV to 480p, which I have done. When changing resolution settings on my TV from 1080p to 480p, I always have to calibrate the "Screen Size" settings to compensate for the resolution. On 1080p the screen size is always maxed out and when playing on 480p I have to shrink it down to the 8th bar due to overkill on size. When playing LOZ:SS on 480p it has always looked a bit blurry to me but I figured it's a Wii game and that's just the best it's going to get.

    Recently though, I decided to experiment with booting LOZ:SS while having my Wii U resolution set to 1080p and by surprise it didn't seem to look worse at all. If anything depth looked sharper and not so blurry and so did most objects and things. Although the only thing I disliked is that there is a black border surrounding the game all around by an inch or so. I have always been told that running Wii games on 1080p would look worse and I should definitely run them at 480p in order to get the best experience.

    What do you guys think? Any comments?
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    Take it from a guy with experience in this kind of thing, if you worry too much about the resolution of the game the refresh rate etc you are gonna become so autistic about those things that you don´t gonna enjoy the game my advice simply play in the way you think its the best and have fun don´t let anyone tell you whats its best for you :)
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