Playing gundam breaker 3 asia version with a us psn

Discussion in 'PS4 - Games & Content' started by th3joker, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. th3joker

    th3joker GBAtemp Regular

    Dec 30, 2015
    United States
    So i recently imported from play-asia the asian verson of gundam breaker 3 (english subs) and i play it on my usa ps4 and psn account. But if i try to play the online modes its always empty. I assume id have to make a asian psn id to play with others as im sure there is probably very few people in the americas or eu who even have this game. But i wonder if there was by random chance someone else playing in the North America region at the same time as me would we even be able to play together? Or as i assume there isnt a actually dedicated us server to play on. Kinda sucks as i cant even use the 2 day one barbatos gundam codes i got with my ps4 and psvita versions without a asian psn account. Sure the games are region free but dlc isnt. Lame. Plus i know the online modes arent even pvp its just a ai controlled version of other peoples uploaded gunplas. So its not like id even play co op or chat with anyone else. But i would like to try all the modes atleast once and get the full experience. Any other gundam fans on here?
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