playing DS game on 9.8 Gateway 3DS and(R4 3ds game)

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    so i have gateway 3DS(9.8) installed with both blue and red card and play 3DS game fine but how do you actually play ds game? when i try to run the blue card it give me black screen and i have to restart the DS. i heard you have reinstall the 3ds gateway exploit after you play DS game to run 3ds game again which sound like a pain. is there any easier way where i can run DS game and 3ds together?

    i also have a R4 card(pic below) which i use for DS game long time ago but now it doesnt work, something about i need a normal DS to update the firmware. is there anyway to bypass limit that now?

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    You need to use the blue card in sysnand.
    To avoid having to reinstall the exploit each time you play a NDS game, follow these instructions:

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    Also, make sure you have bluecardfix.cia installed (on sysNAND), which enables old DS-mode flashcarts to work.