Playing 3DS Game Carts on Two Systems with Two FW versions?

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    Jan 20, 2014
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    I have a 3DS on 4.2. If I had a second 3DS on 7.x, would I be able to play the same (sub 4.x) game carts on both systems with the same save files? (assuming that it's one of the games that saves to the cart rather than to the SD card)

    Basically I'm asking if I'd still be able to use carts like Code of Princess, Theatrhythm, and Mario Kart 7 on the up to date, online capable 3DS without then preventing myself from using them on the older, not up to date 3DS. My assumption is that 4.2 and lower games would work on both, but I was hoping someone would know for certain since I wouldn't want to accidentally erase my saves or make the game carts incompatible with my original 4.2 3DS.
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    AFAIK, only Pokémon won't be able to be played on both systems, as it uses a save encryption only present in 6.X + realNAND sys versions. Any other game should function fine swapping between the consoles, though Pokémon will say the savegame is corrupt if saved on one then played on the other.