Play rom hacks easier(hans), WITHOUT PIRACY/downloading!

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    This is heavy based on:

    Dump the game with braindump:

    You should see a very long folder name on the root of your sd card, that's you're dumped game. now follow the steps in the first link up to after you extract the bin file.

    once you have it extracted, open the 'romfs_' folder, and you should see a bunch of folders,
    now open your rom hack folder, and (if needed find the folder that has the version of the hack you want)
    you should see some similar holder names, like 'a' or 'm' etc.

    now go ahead and merge the two folders by drag and dropping your 'a' or whatever folder inside of 'romfs_' that will combine the mod and the base game.

    next go ahead and repack the romfs, by running 'RomFS Builder' for the folder, choose the one we were just using 'romfs_' then click 'go' and when prompted, save it in the hans folder of your sd card.

    (if you don't have one, make one in your sd card root)

    When naming the file, the name should be the last 8 letters/numbers of the folder that was dumped by minddump.
    and it should end in '.romfs' so for a folder called '12345abcde7890' you'd name your file bcde7890.romfs

    the last thing we need to do it open it with a hex editor, it sounds scary, but it's pretty easy,
    download this:

    and install and launch it, then drag and drop your ,romfs file,
    for example bcde7890.romfs,it should load up, then just press CTRL+E

    And in the second box labeled ' end-offset' type FFF
    and press ok, now a bunch of stuff should be highlighted,

    now press 'delete' or 'backspace' ONCE,
    and you will see 'this operation will change the file size', press ok.

    And now press CTRL+S to save the changes,
    and it will back up your old file, and trim the new one.

    Now go ahead an launch hans, select the target game. (must be the same one you extracted)

    And when you start it up, you will see a menu, the most important option is Romfs->SD
    scroll to that and press the right arrow, DO NOT use 'save configuration' until you've tested the setup a few times. (run the mod without problems)

    when you're ready, just scroll to 'ok' and press A.

    sorry if I missed anything, I'm writing this at 3am with 5 hours of sleep,
    if you need clarification just ask.

    Q. it says 'INVALID' by file path.
    A. you did not trim the file, or trimmed to much,
    load your backup, and start again

    Q. it loads to a black screen when launched through theamehax
    A. try another method, ironhax works better for me

    Q.'s still not loading
    A. try uninstalling any updates for that game.

    Q. it's not piracy if you own the game, why not just download the cia and do it the old fashion way.
    A. Technically it still is, I'm not going to say what I consider piracy, or what should be allowed, USA considers downloading game roms illegal, you could own 100 copys of the game and have them burn down in a house fire, but even so according to the law, you can't download the game's rom.
    I'm not discussing my personal feeling on the matter here, and any comments posted just to object to this will be ignored.
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    I followed all the steps to trim off the file size exactly as stated in this post, but hans sees it as invalid... still... help?
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    Oh great! Now I can hack my Pokemon AS without gateway.
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    Try trimming again, you may have clicked a part of the file and changed the starting offset, then double check the file name and path.

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    interesting, I never saw that, just the link that keeps getting reposed on reddit.