Platinum Games to begin self publishing their future titles, teases two unannounced games

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    To be honest: Which of the bigger game studios did not have a few releases that flopped? It's more important how you handle the backslash (admitting to your faults is hard) and that you incooperate the criticism into your next project so you don't do the same mistake twice.

    Nintendo is doing a great example of this mentality in the current generation. The WiiU flopped hard because of the lack of interesting games for it and because it was a gimmick / ppl did not realize it was a new console and not only an "upgrade" to the Wii.
    Nintendo has learned from those mistakes and focuses on good, high quality games and a hardware that just works without any major gimmicks (ok, maybe labo is a gimmick, but it's 100% optional).

    I am sure that Platinum Games will keep on delivering good, high quality software, at least for the action genre. They seem capable of learning from mistakes. Also, 2 of the "bad" games were WiiU exclusive, maybe without the forced gimmicks they could have been great.
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    Ehh, they are pretty mediocre to be honest, the combat looks flashy, but is quite stale when you know what you do, it has no depth like dmc for example.

    Them publishing on their own is probably a sign we get the other bayonetta games on pc and ps4/x1 in the future, when that contract is over.
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    Are we still pushing the "the general public didn't know" narrative? I would have gone with the bad hardware, bad hardware for the cost, bad online, bad support from engine developers, bad support from Nintendo and the list goes on. I am sure someone didn't know, just the same as you still get people going with sega playstation, but its magnitude I am going with a marginally educated guess of "somewhere probably had a drought or regional economic downturn and that caused more damage to Wii U sales".

    If a small advertising push could have corrected the misconceptions about addon or not, and it was big enough to matter, I don't think Nintendo would have let one of the two primary revenue streams at the time flounder and fail for the sake of a few million (or less) in advertising. This was also right after the Wii so we know they can do advertising correctly/well.
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    Yep, more option for everyone is good. Not sure about their vague censorship directions though...
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    All i know is That 2B is gonna be announced for Smash later in this month.

    Save this comment.
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    Platinum Games already announced they were going to self publish several weeks ago.

    However they chose to announce it on the eve of April 1st in a spoof trailer.

    They have teased a Wonderful game around the time they teased Switch themed Bayonetta 1,2

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    I really hope wonderful 101 is ported to switch because I loved it but the wii u gamepad was a little heavy on my lap i'm sure I'm not the only one who complains about that . I love platinum games games especially those based on franchises I know like the transformers devastation game and tmnt: mutant in manhattan game.
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    publishers have the money to put upfront to make the thousands of game discs/cartridges that developers dont have and they usualy spent all their money already on the developing part.
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    are they still working in that game??
    I though they had left development and cygames alone was finishing it.

    the story is that platinum was paid to develop the game within a certain deadline, platinum didn't finished in time and cygames didn't renew the contract and instead said something like "well, give us what you did and we'll finish it".
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