Platdude's Retro Collection v3

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    Platdude's Retro Collection v3
    Now with 18 retro-styled games

    Another update to Jayenkai's collection of retro games. Now up to 18 games, this introduces the addition of Buzzard Bait (Joust), Lights Out, 5 in a Line, Tune Tap (think Parappa), QBert, and Dodge Spikes. Download below, and for those not familiar with the collection, a full list of games with a short description of each..

    [title:The Games]Centipede
    Blast away all the approaching Centipede bits. Every piece that escapes from play removes 25 of your hard earned points.
    Rated 4/5

    Guide the Snake towards the numbered blocks. Pick up the number of points displayed on the Block. If it reaches 0, the block becomes a solid brick. Try not to crash.
    Rated 3/5

    Destroy all the Alien Invaders before they reach the bottom of the screen. No bases to hide with and plenty of enemy gunfire makes this a super-rapid version of Invaders. A fan favourite.
    Rating 5/5

    Light Cycles
    Guide your way away from the enemy lines in a rather basic remake of the classic Tron game.
    Rating 3/5

    Shoot all the floating Asteroids for whatever reason there ever was for doing it in any other version of the game! Asteroids is fun!
    Rating 4/5

    This game sucks, and has since been hidden away like some kind of rubbish Easter Egg..
    Rating 1/5

    Grab the blue square and keep it away from the red ones. Pick up Green ones for extra points.
    Rating 4/5

    Missile Command
    Destroy the approaching missiles, before they destroy your bases! Every missile that hits the land takes away a point!.. The Green ones are worth extra.
    Rating 4/5

    Dot Pop
    With 30 seconds on the clock, hit as many squares as you can.
    Will probably be renamed by the time you play it! Then again, maybe not!
    Rating 4/5

    With two full screens of pills to empty, and eight ghosts running around, you’d better get moving. (Strangely, it’s not as much fun as it oughta be..)
    Rating 3/5

    No river, just 2 huge busy roads to pass. The top lot move faster, so you’re gonna have to be quick to score any points. Get to the top and start again, but with more cars.
    Rating 5/5

    Just you, a CPU, and a ball too. And another ball if you play on High.. .. And 3 on Extreme.
    Rating 3/5

    Much requested, and so eventually added. This game tries to be a Good Tetris game, and hopefully you’ll enjoy it. I might add Bombliss later, since I really love that game, too!
    Rating 4/5

    Buzzard Bait!
    Flap about and kill the other jousters. Collect their eggs before the re-hatch!
    Rating 3/5

    Lights Out
    Tap the grid to invert a + of lights. Switch them all off to advance to the next level.
    Rating 4/5

    5 in a Line
    Shuffle the grid around to match up 5 tiles of the same color in a single line. Do it quick, because you only get a minute to clear as many as you can.
    Rating 3/5

    Tune Tap
    A tune is played, then you must repeat it. It’s like a really cheap version of Parappa!
    Rating 4/5

    Hop around the blocks, color them all in, and avoid the flashing balls of death.
    Rating 4/5

    Dodge Spikes
    Move left and right, avoid all the spikes, and collect as many coins as you can.
    Rating 3/5

    [​IMG] Download
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    This program is really awesome! I can't believe I didn't know about it until today. Great work, and thank you!
  3. Ducky


    Oct 13, 2007
    Duckling Land!

    Time to try it... RIGHT AWAY!
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