Planning on selling my Wii

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    Not exactly sure if this is the right place to put this, but well... I'll try here.

    Anyways, I want to sell my Wii. I pretty much don't really have any interest in it anymore.

    My Wii is currently hacked on firmware 4.2U. What steps should I take in making sure I keep myself safe when selling this? My original idea was to virginize it, make sure I removed everything off of it first, then sell it.

    However, if I keep it hacked, wipe my SD card with the exception of like, Homebrew Browser and such, is there anything left behind that could potentially get me in trouble, or anything? The Wii has like, 2 wads installed on it. I could remove them if need be. Also, what about my Wii Shop Channel? I have a decent amount of games on it, and I was planning on leaving it on there as an incentive to buying it or something. But could they get any of my information from it?

    I guess in the end, I want to know. Would it be safer and better to just virginize it and sell it? Or if I choose not to, what are some things I should do to sell it as a hacked console without potentially getting into any trouble, or causing any problems for the person buying it?