PKSM - a complete portable Pokemon Save Manager with integrated bank

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  1. lone_wolf323

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    May 27, 2011
    This is the code set I got for SMD.

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    Mar 15, 2009
    Thank you, where exactly do i put this file?
  3. lone_wolf323

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    May 27, 2011
    This one you create a folder on sd root called plugin , then you put that folder in there, which the folder does need to have that number for it. Then run it on 3ds using bootntr then pokemon SMD
  4. tall guy

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    Mar 15, 2009
    I tried to run bootntr before , but it doesn't work on an old 3DS XL .
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    Sep 8, 2017
    Not the place to be having a discussion really, so let's keep things simple. Plugin goes to a folder named the same as the low and high IDs for the game you want (the 0004000.... thingy), which goes inside the "plugin" folder at the root of your SD card. Also, bootntr is REALLY outdated, that's why it won't work, so just use the NTR selector instead which is up to date.
  6. tall guy

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    Mar 15, 2009
    Which one should i install?

    and how to activate the cheats?
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    Mar 15, 2016
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    If you have a new 3DS, grab whatever isn't mode 3. Those 2 cia's are fine to use, just different banners.

    If you have a old 3DS and plan to play games that require extra memory (ie: Smash, Pokemon Moon, etc.) then grab either of the mode 3's. Other wise you can install those other ones.

    Activating the cheat menu is select. (If the plugin is updated for it ofc)
  8. tall guy

    tall guy GBAtemp Regular

    Mar 15, 2009
    Not working, i cannot run NTR selector and start the game at the same time, i have to close NTR if i want to start the game!Are there Rosalina cheats for this game?
  9. lone_wolf323

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    May 27, 2011
    you run ntr, its supposed to close, then you select SMD to play. you should get a green flash at SMD startup knowing it worked
  10. tall guy

    tall guy GBAtemp Regular

    Mar 15, 2009
    No green flash .
  11. ThoD

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    Sep 8, 2017
    Read the instructions on Github, you grab BOTH NTR selector AND NTR selector Mode 3, Mode 3 is extended memory, regular is for non-extended memory. You don't have to close it, just run the REGULAR one, it will take you back to the home menu, then switch to the game you want to play. It's not that hard, do some research instead of having completely irrelevant conversations on some random thread that's for a specific thing...
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    Jul 20, 2016
    Can you please keep this conversation away from the main topic?
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    Sep 8, 2017
    Since you are finally here, I might as well ask again after my older post about it got ignored... Is the issue where Pokemon have the wrong default abilities gonna be fixed anytime soon? Pokemon that got their abilities changed between Gens such as Gengar have their default ability as the Gen 7 one regardless of what game you are using (eg: it will default to Cursed Body on ORAS even though it had Levitate in Gen 6). This has been an issue for like the last 2 or so releases and considering how old ago those came out, it's weird that this hasn't been looked into yet.
  14. laramie

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    Dec 15, 2014
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    the guys re-coding it from the ground up, he isn't going to worry about his outdated software being broken. It will prob be fixed on the new release, if not then make a pull request. He isn't going to fix anything if he already has to rewrite everything.
  15. FMCore

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    Jul 10, 2018
    w00t new version!
  16. EventAssistant

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    Jul 20, 2016
    This is the first PKSM release that happens after the FlagBrew rebrand and it couldn't be a better one.

    After exactly 11 months and 11 days of combined work, we finally reached this milestone.

    PKSM 6.0.0 is the most intensive software update we've ever worked on, which required us to rewrite PKSM from scratch, from C to C++.

    Before showing you the awesome features packed in this update, I would really like to thank all the people that have been involved in it.

    Really thank you,

    • @piepie62 and @Admiral-Fish to have worked on the code with such perseverance and dedication
    • @dsoldier to have given this software a look that doesn't deserve it to be just called an homebrew
    • @SpiredMoth and @trainboy2019 for all the scripts that let PKSM do things that we couldn't have ever imagined
    • @Methylnaltrexone, @Y0ndaime, @Gudf, @forthepokemans, @CaptainBarnaklez for the work on translations
    • Subject21_J and all the people who submitted ideas for the new icon
    • Mewmore for the music background
    • Allen, piepie62, SpiredMoth and all the documentation contributors
    • All the patrons and the FlagBrew team
    Sincerely, Bernardo and the FlagBrew team.

    Upgrading from 5.1.4
    This shouldn't require any operation from the user, but just to make really sure, backup your bank.bin file to a safe place. The storage will automatically be converted to the new format once you boot up PKSM.

    There shouldn't really need to do anything

    What's new
    • Game support has been extended to cover every functionality from Generation
      4 to LGPE. This includes, among the others, Storage, Editor and
      • This means that Editor and Storage are now available for DS games. More on
        that later.
      • This also means that Editor is available for LGPE.
      • Storage is currently not available for LGPE. As of right now, we just don't have a good example of how it will work.
    • The title loader has been completely redesigned to highly improve the user
      • The user interface is now more Checkpoint-esque. PKSM will automatically
        retrieve any valid title (cartridge and digital) that is currently available
        in your console.
      • Title loader now supports cartridge hotswapping. You can now remove the
        cartridge while in it and put another one. The title list will automatically
        reflect the changes in the interface.
      • Title loader is now able to load the save file for a certain title
        from both the actual save archive and the SD card.
        • This means that you're now able to load any save file for a certain
          game, provided they're located in a folder specified in the configuration
          file (more about this later).
        • PKSM automatically adds Checkpoint's working path to the list of valid
          folders to look for save files. This means you'll be able to directly edit
          your save backups you made with Checkpoint.
        • While the main title loader interface lets you only work with save files
          you have games for, how do you work with save file you don't actually
          have games in your console
          ? You're welcome, we thought about this too.
          Title loader now has an additional tab in which you can choose save files
          for not directly available titles, giving you the opportunity to edit
          whatever you want. What has already been said about SD card save backup
          loading also applies to this menu.
      • It's now possible to return to the title loader once you're done making
        changes to a save file, instead of having to close PKSM and boot it back up.
      • You can edit PKSM's configurations by pressing SELECT, which will let you
        enter the configuration menu before the main menu is even loaded. More about
        configurations will be said later.
      • The title loader has now a wireless loading feature, with which you can
        load a save file from your local network, that can be sent back when you're
        done applying your changes.
        • This directly allows you to load LGPE saves over the network using
          Checkpoint for Switch.
        • Warning: once you enter the wireless loader (you'll be prompted before
          entering it, to make sure you don't misclick on it) you won't be able to
          return back without receiving a save file. If you're in this situation and
          don't know what to do, rebooting your console will be mandatory.
    • The Storage functionality has been completely redesigned. It's now
      possible to browse Storage for every game, from DPPt to USUM.
      • It's now possible, among the already available functionalities, to clone
        from the Storage itself.
      • Transfer through generations is available. This means you can perform a
        complete Gen4 <-> Gen7 swap in freedom.
        • Transfer through generations needs to be specifically allowed from the
          configurations, because it changes the original pokemon data. The option
          to allow is Edit during transfers (or the equivalent in the language
          you're familiar to).
        • Please note that conversions are still experimental and there will be edge
          cases not covered. Please always make a save/storage backup using
      • Box renaming is available for both save and storage boxes.
      • Storage size expansion has been enabled once again. Default Storage size is
        still 150 boxes, but the upper limit is now set to 2000.
    • The Editor has been completely redesigned as well.
      • Supports every game from DPPt to LGPE.
      • Hex Editor and QR Code scanner are also available from DPPt to USUM.
      • Party editing is now possible.
      • Cloning is possible by pressing X.
      • Box renaming is available here, too.
      • You're now prompted if you're exiting a pkm edit session without saving.
    • A Bag editor has been included. You can now edit most sections of your
      bag, for every game supported by PKSM.
      • You're allowed to change the item by tapping on the dedicated button, and
        increase or decrease the amount using the touch screen.
      • Dynamic addition and removal of items is also available.
    • The Event database has been finally updated to include all the latest
      • New wondercards will be automatically fetched from the EventsGallery when
        you compile PKSM from scratch, or we push a new release. This means manual
        work is not required anymore to include wondercards.
      • Dumping wondercards you own is possible by pressing X in the event list.
      • QR code wondercard injection is available as well, and has been extended to
        support all wondercard formats from Gen4 to Gen7.
    • Scripts have been greatly enhanced as well. We'll be short but this
      describing the latest changes would require a dedicate changelog.
      • Default scripts are now built-in. Thanks to the recent work by many
        scripters, there are now more than 800 scripts available for everyone to
        • This means every new PKSM update will always contain default scripts.
          Placing default ones in the SD card is not required anymore.
      • Support for scripts written in C. PKSM now has a built-in C
        interpreter which will allow you to write more complex scripts directly in
        • This directly means you're allowed to use standard library functions in
          scripts, create variables, doing math operations and work with pointers.
          Good stuff.
        • Some APIs you can use in your scripts are directly provided by PKSM, and
          they focus on user interaction, keyboard access and utility functions.
        • You can always request some more if you're about to develop a new script
          which requires a functionality not yet available from PKSM.
      • Support for folders. Scripts are now organized in folders, to make the UI
        more elegant and accessible.
      • You're allowed to place your own scripts into the SD card and switch between
        built-in and your own from the UI itself.
    • The QR code scanner has been vastly improved to allow for a smoother
      experience. This will allow you to scan big QR codes faster then ever before.
    • The Configuration menu has been vastly redesigned to get rid of the
      unintuitive hex editor-like user interface.
      • Interface language can be changed in real time.
        • This version of PKSM ships with English, Italian, Spanish, French and
          German already supported. Other languages haven't been contributed by
          native speakers yet, and we hope to support more languages in the next
      • Default values like the OT Name can now be edited through the keyboard.
      • Some more options that affect all the other section of the application are
    • PKSM now relies on extdata to store important data, like the storage and
      • This means you can now use Checkpoint to make a proper and easy backup of
        your relevant PKSM data, like the whole storage file and configurations.
        Sharing your data is now more convenient, too.
      • You're also allowed to move the storage data to the SD card.
      • Warning: proper extdata support for PKSM is only granted from Checkpoint
        3.6.0 and above. Don't try restoring a PKSM save backup with a version
        inferior to the one suggested.
    • Support for *hax (also known as just homebrew) has been dropped. PKSM
      only works under a Luma3DS environment.
      • Specifically, PKSM will check for the hb:ldr port, which is available, for
        example, through the Rosalina system module.
      • If you try booting PKSM under *hax, it will return to the homebrew launcher.
      • This also means PKSM will not work in Citra.
    • PKSM now supports audio playback. Audio will start once boot is completed.
      • There actually is no way to stop the audio playback, so turn down the volume
        in case it starts getting annoying.
      • It's possible to provide your own audio soundtracks by placing .mp3
        files in the sdmc:/3ds/PKSM/songs folder.
      • It's suggested to provide relatively small sized files. We generally suggest tracks
        with a length of no more than 4 minutes, single channel, with a sampling
        frequency of 44100Hz and a bitrate of 96kbps.
        • These characteristics are not actual constraints: you can throw whatever
          you want into the SD card and PKSM will mostly be able to work with it fine.
        • You can convert a track to get these characteristics through
    • A search function for species has been implemented so you're now able to
      search a Pokemon with your keyboard rather than scrolling the entire list
      while generating one or changing the species.
    • Tons of other stuff. Really everything changed from the latest release.
    • Last but not least, a whole documentation in .html format explaining in
      details how PKSM works! The documentation will be bundled with every release,
      and the most up-to-date version will always be accessible through the *Github
      wiki for this project.

    Use QRaken to download this QR code.


    If you appreciate our work, please support us on Patreon :)
  17. Mathmaster333

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    Dec 23, 2018
    Thank you so much for this! quick question, I used a forwarder software to create files on my homescreen, because I lost my favorite game (pokemon black) while on vacation a few years ago. I was curious, can it directly read the .sav from pokemon white, or do I need to put it in a specific folder?
  18. Namesnipe

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    Nov 24, 2016
    United States
    Yes, with the extrasave tool it can. Go on flagbrews website, tools, extrasave and follow the instructions.
  19. Mathmaster333

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    Dec 23, 2018
    Thank you!
    EDIT: the app just crashes upon loading, should I be worried?
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    Nov 24, 2016
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    You did it wrong then.