PkHex - how to create totally legal Pokemon for X/Y and OR/AS

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    Nov 30, 2015
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    Pokémon games do get more complex and so does the process of genning legal Pokémon. As far as creating seemingly legitimate Pokémons goes, there still questions left uncovered by the multitude of threads, videos and tutorials. We can discuss them here.
  2. Ignazeous

    Ignazeous Newbie

    Nov 30, 2015
    Gambia, The
    Hay , kinda new here so i hope that more or less the right spot for this thread and these questions.
    I want to make mons with pkhex as legal as possible so they appear legitimate also by human checks.
    Read so many threads and watched so many videos but still, some questions remain:

    Is it safe to reroll the PID regardless of the origin game of the mons?
    in pokegen the process of pid creation was rather complex. can i trust pkhex to generate a valid PID or past gen mons made from scratch in pkhex?

    if you insert or make a past gen mon (some event mons also) in pkhex you cannot reroll the encryption PID? Is that somehow related to the means of PID creation in past gens? can i still just reroll the PID in the main tab and be legal?

    The language tab can be filled in relatively freely cause you can choose the language your game runs at correct? still it wouldn´t hurt to match it with the country region tab below i assume to make it appear more legal. what do you think?

    does the country/sub-region/3ds region tab really always display the system where the mon was initially achieved in? or is there kind of an update somewhere in the line for instance if the pokemon was traded through several games.

    2.3: If the mon was traded from an older game/system what does pkhex display here exactly?
    i can´t remember the game boy advance to have an option to specify country/sub-region and obviously not 3ds region. what info can insert for the mons from the different origin games like ruby, colloseum or XD or whatever to appear legitimate? a list of possible info would be very handy somehow.

    3: contest stat i leave at 0 and no shinifying. IV´s mostly maxed to stay competetive.
    i´ve heard that in past games some IV spreads where impossible due to bugs. is there something like that for gen6?

    4.1: relearn moves:
    as far as i know all passed egg moves go here.
    but do level one moves every mon has also go here?
    and what is with hm/tm/tutor moves from the father and higher level up moves from both parents?
    do they appear here as well?

    4.2 might seem like a small thing but the move order in relearn moves could be an issue i think.
    anyway i assume a good way to stay safe with the relearn moves is to only insert 4 egg moves is that right?

    4.3 as far as the order of the relearn moves go , is it random? or is it alphabetical? or does it depend on how the moves are ordered in the parents movesets assuming they´re all egg moves?

    5.1: memories:
    i can handle memories quite well but the residence tab troubles me a bit.
    If i´m correct with the assumption, that the country/region tab always displays the system the mon was achieved first, then the lowest tab in the residence tab always has to be filled with the same info as in the country/region tab , right?

    5.2 what if a mon comes from gen 3 ruby. it would have to pass several games to reach gen 6 legitimately.
    so the residences have to appear here am i correct? i have seen some ruby origin mons with just the latest residence tab filled. could be that i miss something but that´s proof it´s hacked isn´t it?

    how does the residence tab work in conjunction with my question at 2.3 ?
    what country/sub-region/3ds region is displayed for what game and how does it appear correctly in the residence tab?

    kalos and extra ribbons can be ignored i think:
    but what about training medals?
    a legitimately fully EV trained mon at least has to have some of the boxes checked, hasn´t it?
    what should i check to appear legit?

    7.: Of course i create mons by the means of pkhex.
    can this program really make mons that totally appear legitimate despite all possible checks?
    what about trash bytes? or maybe other digital means of hack checking.
    I´m not really into the technical side of all this so i can´t quite estimate the scope o the possibilities.

    well that´s all for now. It´s quite much so sorry for that but i hope it will help more people than just me genning their mons correctly and i´m willing to contribute back if i can.