Pix'n Love goes international !

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    French editor Pix'n Love goes international and open Pix'n Love Publishing !

    Pix'n Love Publishing was founded in 2007 by three young Frenchmen, each very passionate about the history of video games. Their goal is to offer gamers, as well as anybody curious about the subject, a selection of reliable books about their passion: video gaming and its history. During their three years on the market, they've published, re-released, translated and written over 25 books in French. Some even became real best sellers in France and French speaking territories.
    Today, Pix'n Love Publishing goes international and is proud to bring you some of their most successful releases, fully translated into English.
    Three books are already planned to be released. The first one, the History of Nintendo (1889-1980) will be available around the end of August.

    I read their books since the beginning and they are awesome. Florent Gorges, main redactor and creator of the company, is maybe one of the person who knows the best Nintendo and starts to have a very good reputation around the world. His books about Nintendo history are sold in several stores in Tokyo, even if they're in french ! No other books in the world have been published about Nintendo with this kind of researshs and details.
    They also organize annual trip to Japan and it's with them that I went there in april 2009. A defining moment for me.

    The 3 first books published in english will be :
    • The History of Nintendo Vol.1 : 1889-1980 From Playing-Cards to Game & Watch (you can pre-order now, released end of August)
    • The History of Nintendo Vol.2 : The Game & Watch games, an incredible invention
    • The Great Personalities in the Gaming Industry Vol.1 : Takahashi Meijin
    So you can guess that if you're into video games like me, or just curious, I advice you to get thoses books.
    Proove that we gamers can actually read !


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    Some sort of Advertising eh?
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