Pirates of carribean - cheats dont work?

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    Apr 2, 2008

    Ive just watched the POC films and its got me in the mood for some piracy! I have POC dead mans chest (both EUR and USA) and when i activate the cheats from my TTDS menu, they dont work. Im using TTDS menu 1.14 and the latest cheat database. The code that is available is invicibilty but on the EUR and USA versions it doesnt work. Ive even scoured the net for type in cheats, eg up down left x2 etc and these dont work either. This is the 1st time using the cheat database for the TTDS i have come accross a game where the cheats dont work. Its strange how the "in game" cheats dont work either.

    Has anyone got the cheats to work?

    very confused....

    thanks for any advice