Pinky Street Kira Kira Music Hour

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    Okay, now before you say anything, this game (the Japanese version) has been on my card for six months, not because I'm too lazy to take it off, but because it's a really fun and adorable game, with some of the best graphics the DS has churned out.


    GoNintendo has recently reported on this European box art for the game. Yup, Kira Kira Music Hour was probably originally intended for young Japanese girls, but it is a fairly deep rhythm game...well, rhythm / adventure. Unlike EBA, you only get three markers that you tap, but you also are often required to do slides and whatnot to accent notes during a performance. Your character, rather than dancing through scenarios, competes with one of several chibi characters in front of an audience. But what makes this game so interesting to me (aside from the impressive presentation) is its adventure-game spin. Throughout the game you'll earn money from your competitions and can then spend that on clothes and hairdos, but the clothes and hair aren't just for show. Each item -- and there are many -- offers a unique stat-raising quality that enhances your performance during competitions, and you'll need that extra umph for the later boughts, which get a bit hairy.

    Until now, I've had to rely on a translation of the items, but there has still been no full walkthrough translated into English. Being that I enjoyed the game so much, this news is pretty cool to me. But hopefully some of you will now give this game a chance. It's really a fun one if you're into either rhythm games or Animal Crossing -- the game successfully melds them both for some strategic, yet embarrassingly cute, music-game fun. Granted, it will likely lose some of its charm not being in Japanese, but it will be nice to know what all the various items do without having to consult a FAQ, and knowing what the story is all about.
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    505 Games... without them, we'd never have quirky Japanese games released in the UK
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    Yeah, that's because the companies here who release a lot of those games don't have a UK division of their own and vice versa.

    No UK office: Atlus, Nippon Ichi.
    No US office: 505 Games, Rising Star.
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    Yup. I'm in love with the latest Crayon ShinChan game. It's awesome, with that wicked sense of humour of its. Thanks, 505 Games! [​IMG]
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    Damn; I'm definatly going to have to try importing this. Sure I know it's girlish, but I actually liked the game for what it held inside.