Pikmin Wii?

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    From C&VG:
    Nintendo's latest trip around the Japanese trademark board may have revealed a bunch of new Wii products and accessories, including the erm, Wii Body Controller.

    The Japanese giant has registered trademarks for 'Mii Contest Channel', 'Nintendo Magic', 'Mii Audition' and 'Wii Handle', which all sounds pretty straight-forward. It's also registered something called 'Soma Bringer', which we're told is a type of noodle. Hmmm.

    Most excitingly, Nintendo has taken the liberty of renewing its Pikmin trademark, which if you fancied speculating wildly - like us - might suggest a Wii instalment for Miyamoto's flowery critters. We've got our fingers crossed.

    Any guesses what the 'Wii Handle' might be for?

    I really do hope Pikmin is on the way. Hell I'd welcome a DS game!
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    DS or Wii, could even be both.

    It seems like the perfect title for either platform.
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    Wii Handle, huh?
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    Nintendo folks have always left the Pikmin question open. They aren't going to say, "No, never," nor will they say, "It's coming out tomorrow." They're just working on the bigger names first, Mario, Metroid, Zelda, etc. Perhaps by Christmas '08 they'll have wound down to lesser titles like Pikmin...