Pikmin 2 on US wii v4.2

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    Dec 16, 2009
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    I've recently softmodded my Wii v4.2 and installed USB loader GX. I wanted to try Pikmin 2 on it which was not released in the US. All signs say v4.2 will not allow different region games to run, but some say that USB loaders already have different region support built in. The Wii won't let different regions play from the disc channel. So I have tried many different things. I patched the ISO with RegionFrii to US and put it on my hard drive. But no matter which settings I choose, I always get the blank screen. Then I applied patches from StartPatch 4.2.6 (which all patches seemed to point to Disc loading, not USB) and that still didn't help.

    Any suggestions? Should re-dump the original image and just try running it from the USB loader un-patched? Also, StartPatch warns that all changes are permanent before making the changes and to be careful. How permanent are the changes? won't a NAND restore undo them?