Picture and sound issue w POWERPAK on my USA NES Please Help

Discussion in 'Other Consoles & Oldies' started by TaxiTitan, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. TaxiTitan

    TaxiTitan GBAtemp Regular

    Mar 13, 2008
    Hi everybody,

    I bought the powerpak, & using it with a CF sandisk extreme IV 8GB, formattat to Fat32.
    On my Pal console it works perfect when I tested. (Only had to reset until the blink stopped)

    But on my NTSC console I get both sound noise, & flicker noise!
    I want to use it on my NTSC console because it has the correct speed, & aspect ratio for famicom, & Disk system games (480i 60hz).

    The sound is like when you watch a non HIFI movie, & you hear the background noise easily, espesially if you turn the volume up just a little.
    (Simulair to the sound when your sellphone is to close to the reciever.)

    The background screen flicker is more bad, because it flickers fast and makes the eyes hurt after a while.

    Ive tried a different mapper.
    Its simulair to the flickering you get when filming a television with a camera.
    Its far more visable in the brighter colors.

    Both theese problems starts directly the same time as the powerpak boots with the power on button, on my NTSC NES console.

    "All my other games works fine on my NTSC console."

    What can it be?
    Can I fix this problem?

    I have already wrote an email to RetroUSB, but I have not gotten an answer yet.

    I really much rather want to use my NTSC console.
    My NTSC console also has the lockout function removed, and can play all game regions.

    Im thinking of buying more U.S. Nes systems to try it on, since Ive only tried 1 NTSC Nes.
    But the idea is a little expensive.

    Please help me solve this issue.
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