Phoenix Wright 1 and 2 problem

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  1. Vintage1.6

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    Jun 13, 2007
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    So here's the deal,

    I got phoenix wright ace attorney and I really enjoyed this game on a desmume emulator, but....

    At the last case you have to pick up a wallet and examine it in 3D, you have to focus your aimer on the button to open the wallet but it doesn't trigger the game, so I'm stuck forever at this part of the game.

    Who has faced the same problem and who has the solution? (I alrdy tried all NDS emulators (like only 2 work)

    after that I got phoenix wright justice for all, also opened it with my desmume emulator, but...

    I cant save the game nor with the save-function of the game itself nor with the emulator save-state.

    anyone got a solution for this problem?
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    Solution: wait until the bug is fixed.