Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity - English Localization Public Release


Video courtesy of @suburbMage

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Welcome to the public release of our English localization patch of Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity (PSPo2I), a project over half a decade in the making.
For those who aren't familiar with them, PSPo and PSPo2 were games released on the Playstation Portable which were ARPGs that had MMO traits but also had a focus on singleplayer content.
Infinity is an upgraded version of PSPo2 which was never localized to the west—unfortunate for fans of the series, since it's undoubtedly one of the best entries in the PSO/PSU/PSPo lineup.

The main additions to Infinity were:
  • New content
    -A whole new story mode, and the original story is also included.
    -A new race you can play as with its own special power.
    -More (difficult) missions, areas, new bosses, skills, abilities, and more.
    This includes a new mission type called Infinity Mission which has semi-randomly generated maps and the player can customize their stats to a degree.
  • More power progression
    -New, and more powerful loot and more ways to improve weapons.
    -A Rebirth system which allows you to reset your level to 1 while keeping some of your stats.
  • Quality of life
    -You can now "lock" items to prevent accidentally selling them, and among other things, storage space has been doubled from 1000 to 2000 items.
  • Rebalanced gameplay from PSPo2
    -Some weaker skills have been improved, and vice versa—two-handed swords are much faster in Infinity for example, which made them more popular this time around.
  • New features
    -You can now invite your own characters as AI partners, or those of friends who have shared a snapshot of their character with you.




Patch feature list
Our patch brings the following to the table:

The game is fully localized to English—this means any and all text that can be found in the game is translated.
Thanks to the increased window size modification, very few concessions had to be made in the translation accuracy, which is something that often plagues such endeavors.
Care has been taken to keep the translation as accurate and close to the original as possible, with few things being outright changed—this was possible due to no restrictions such as age ratings or company pressure.

Extensive UI hacking
Numerous parts of the interface had to be adjusted in order to fit the English text because Japanese as a language tends to be much more compact than the former, and in some cases even things as short as a handful of characters simply didn't fit as the Japanese was even shorter. Elements such as window/text box sizes, window placement, text alignment and positioning inside menus, interactive menus, programmed messages, and more have been extensively modified to provide a (hopefully) seamless experience.

Image editing to English
Custom images have been made for material that was in Japanese, such as title cards, tutorial images, icons, etc.

Movie subtitling
The movies that appear in the game have English subtitles specially made and timed for them. This also goes for the Episode 1 content, which has the Japanese dub with subtitles added to them.

Customized solutions
The aforementioned Infinity Mission feature uses a naming system based on a place and a name in Japanese. We realized that there was no way to make that fit in English, so we redid the whole system from the ground up. A new naming system was created using terms that thematically made sense and were also typesetting-friendly, while retaining access to the quest system linked to completing missions of this type.

There is also a quiz type mission which included questions that were impossible to solve without guessing for an English-speaking audience—those have been reworked to be solvable.

Quality Control
While this game does not have a particularly long story mode, it does have a ton of text in item descriptions, side-events, tutorials, etc. resulting in a massive word count total.
The original PSPo2 had a lot of content to begin with, and Infinity added another large amount to it, resulting in thousands of different weapons and other items—this is a large game by any measure.

As such, this was not a quick "insert text and done" project (if only it were that easy!)
To give a brief rundown of our process: almost every translated line in the game was manually typeset using line breaks, which then had to be checked whether it fit inside the game.
Everything tech-related had to be reverse-engineered and then tested to see what goes where; a custom tool was created by JamRules to export and import the text and other media.
The game also has very tight memory constraints, which meant that character limits were our constant enemy. Almost every translation entry was not just considered for English quality and typesetting, but also its economy of size.
Some small words were converted to symbols, as these took up less space but are still able to convey the same message.
Other things such as translations that looked fine on paper turned out to be too long in-game were then reworked again, such as combat lines that took up too big a part of the screen.

The hours spent on translation, typesetting, reverse engineering tech, hacking, image/video editing, solving bugs, etc. were well in the four-digit range to get to where we are today.
Many aspects of the localization have gone through multiple revisions and quality checks internally, and then everything was rigorously and methodically checked by a small team of beta testers.
As cliché as it may sound, this was a labor of love for us, and we hope you'll enjoy many hours of fun playing the game using our patch.




While the process of installing this patch is fairly straightforward, we take no responsibility for any damage that might occur.
Please read the instructions carefully, and back up your save data beforehand.
This is an unofficial fan patch unrelated to SEGA. If you like our work, please buy a copy of the original game to support the creators, and vote in their polls so that we may see more Phantasy Star content in the future. :)
We receive no remuneration for this but we'd love to hear your impressions, so it would mean a lot to us if you left a comment or told us what you think about our work.
We don't support piracy, so please don't ask where to get an ISO of the game in this thread; this also isn't allowed by GBAtemp rules.

Installation guide

What you need:
  • This patch and the bundled DLC
  • A program to uncompress the patch download, such as 7-Zip
  • A Japanese copy of the ISO of the game (the game-ID is NPJH50332)
    (SHA256: d8ef48d7b596708c227a46abf0386b739ac216f64d4a12b67acfe9f263591b5b)
  • A program to apply the patch to the ISO such as xdelta UI
  • A (Windows) PC to perform the above

How to install the patch (.xdelta file)


  1. Download and then unpack the .7z file from one of the DL links below.
    Links to websites for 7-Zip and xdelta UI have also been provided.
  2. Run xdeltaUI.exe.
  3. In the Apply Patch tab, click Open under Patch and select the PSPo2 Infinity English v1.xdelta patch from the files you extracted.
  4. Similarly, for Source File, click Open and select your Japanese ISO of the game.
  5. For Output File, click the ... and choose a name and location for your soon-to-be-patched version of the game.
  6. Press Patch, and wait for the program to create the ISO. This may take a while depending on how powerful your PC is, so don't worry if it seems frozen and just wait.
    You will get a notification when it is finished patching, and the modded ISO will be in the folder you specified at step 5.
  7. Now you can copy the modded ISO to your PSP, Vita, or smartphone, etc. which typically goes into the "ISO" folder at the root of your memory card. Create this folder if it doesn't exist.
    If you're playing on PC, you can just leave it where it is, or move the patched ISO to a games folder of your choice.
    We recommend keeping a copy of the original Japanese ISO for reference.
Important note about the original PSP font and PPSSPP
If you're playing on PPSSPP, you should know that it uses a different font than the PSP.
Our patch is designed to work with the official font, so playing on the PPSSPP font may cause typesetting issues, and at the very least it doesn't look as nice in my opinion.
You can copy the original font file directly from your PSP console.
Google "ppsspp english font fix" if you need help with this.


How to install the DLC (DLM.DAT file)
This file includes various extra missions, mostly Tactical and Trade Missions, and new items you can find in them.
  1. Browse to \memstick\PSP\SAVEDATA\ on your storage medium (your PSP, Vita, or PPSSPP folder, etc.)
    Be aware that this file path and the one below are different. Putting the DLC in the wrong folder can cause issues in the game.
  2. Copy the entire contents of the "DLC (for SAVEDATA folder)" folder included in the DL (the content is named NPJH50332DL) into the above location.
    Accept any Overwrite File prompts if applicable (back up your previous data if you want to keep it).
  3. The missions and other content will automatically show up in the game.

How to install the extra Infinity Missions (.EDAT files)
These are pre-made Infinity Missions created by SEGA, and have specific special effects and potentially rare bosses in them.
  1. Browse to \memstick\PSP\GAME\
  2. Copy the entire contents of the "Extra Infinity Missions (for GAME folder)" folder (the content is named NPJH50332) into the above location.
    Again, accept any Overwrite File prompts if applicable (back up your previous data if you want to keep it).
  3. Go to the Code Counter, choose Register Code -> Register DL Mission and select the missions to be imported.


How to convert your PSPo2 US save file to Infinity by Anubis1101

What you need:

  • Copies of JP and US or EU versions of Phantasy Star Portable 2 on your PC
  • Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity on either your PC, PSP, or in Adrenaline
  1. Open the ppsspp.ini file, located in \PPSSPP\memstick\PSP\SYSTEM\
  2. Make sure EncryptSave is set to False.
  3. Make sure SavedataUpgradeVersion is set to True. Save the file, but keep it open.
  4. Run PPSSPP, load your US/EU savegame in your US/EU version of PSP2, and then save the game.
  5. Open the save folder in \PPSSPP\memstick\PSP\SAVEDATA\
  6. Copy the save folder - should be ULUS10529 or ULEU10529, check the pictures to make sure its the right one.
  7. Rename the copied folder to NPJH50043.
  8. Run PPSSPP again, this time load up the Japanese version of PSP2.
  9. Load your game, and then save it.
  10. If you have PSP2i on your PC, You can skip to step 11! It'd be wise to do step 10-2 at some point to prevent future issues.
    1. If you don't, and need to import it to your PSP or PSVita, close PPSSPP.
    2. Pull up ppsspp.ini again, and set EncryptSave to True.
    3. Run PPSSPP one last time, run the Japanese PSP2, then save the game.
    4. Copy the NPJH50043 folder over to your PSVita/PSP, place it in the SAVEDATA folder.
  11. Run PSP2i and import using the option labeled "Import Original Game Save Data."

Download links

Main link
MEGA <- click this to download

Google Drive

All links contain the same .7z file so you only need to choose one. Try one of the others if the link you clicked is down.
If all of the links are down, you can PM JamRules or me or post in this thread and we'll re-upload the patch for you.
The SHA256 checksum of the .7z file should be:

Links to other programs:
These have no relation to us.

xdelta UI - a program used to apply the patch
7-Zip- a program used to uncompress the downloaded .7z file
PPSSPP - an emulator which can be used to play the game on your PC and other platforms




Frequently asked questions

Which platforms can the patch run on?
Pretty much anything you can play PSP games on, such as: the original PSP, PS Vita, PPSSPP, etc.
To run ISOs of the game on a physical console it needs to have custom firmware though.

How much does it cost?
This is a free patch made by fans of the game, for fans. We will never charge money for this, so if you see a third party offering a paid English Infinity game, it's a scam.
Download the patch from this post to make sure you're getting an untampered copy released by us.

Can I play multiplayer with this?
The official servers provided by SEGA have been shut down for years now, but you can still play online through emulators such as PPSSPP on custom servers.
Here is a link to a guide on how to set up multiplayer on PPSSPP.
You can also play via ad hoc mode on your physical consoles. It may also be possible to play online between a console and an emulator, but that requires a more involved setup.
For the best experience, all players should be running the same patch and DLC version of the game.

Why are the X and O button controls swapped around?!
This is standard for Japanese region games, but you can remap the controls in PPSSPP or download a plug-in for your console to swap them around if you prefer the western standard.

How can I back up my saves?
Your saves are located at: Drive:\memstick\PSP\SAVEDATA\NPJH50332\ and you can just back up this whole folder and place it somewhere safe, and replace if necessary.
NPJH50332SC in the same SAVADATA folder contains the Friend Characters you've received from other players online and your own Other Characters, which you might want to back up as well.

What is the free DLC?
These are missions that were distributed by SEGA during the game's active lifespan that provided extra content and online events.
SEGA still has a page up with a DL bundle of the missions, but our patch has translated versions of them included, so you don't need to go there.

What is the paid DLC?
There used to be an online shop where you could purchase costumes and weapons for real money, but it has since been shut down.
This patch does not cover any of the paid DLC.
Don't worry though, because you're not missing much gameplay-wise. Most of the paid DLC were collaboration items so you could run around with weapons from other media series for example, but the most powerful gear comes from the actual game and the free DLC mentioned above.

Can I post spoilers in this thread?
We know that the game is very old, but this is the first time it's being released in English. So please don't post spoilers without marking them as such.

I've found a bug! Where can I report it?
While this game has been very thoroughly tested by us and then by a team of beta testers, a project of this scope cannot be fully bug-free simply because of how many variables and content there is compared to our limited testing resources.
So you may find a small bug here and there, but the story mode and other common content should be fully playable without any major issues.
If you happen to run into a bug, you can post it here or PM me or JamRules, but this public release is considered complete and for practical reasons we probably won't release any updates unless a reproducible game-stopping error is found. You can check Threadmark 1 for some more info on a bug fix update.
Also, there's a list of known issues written below. Any found issues should be checked first if they aren't on that list before reporting them.

Will you be translating anything else after this?
I thought I'd put this here since some people have contacted me about helping with their projects.
Unfortunately I won't be taking on anything else this year and probably not next year either.
PSPo2I happened to be one of my favorite games which was why I joined the localization effort, but it occupied far more of my free time than expected since I ended up taking up the tasks of typesetting and main QC as well, and for every issue we squashed, several others popped up in its place.
So after this project is released I'll be taking a break for the foreseeable future, but after that I may take on something else on a smaller scale that interests me.

I'm getting the error "Xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT" when trying to patch, help?
If you see the above error or something similar to it, it means you're using a different or corrupt version of the Japanese ISO. Please check the SHA256 checksum to make sure you've got the correct version.

Do all of the passcodes from the original version work?
The passcodes from the original version should work, however please note that Infinity removed the passcodes for the 5 gravure posters and Moyashimon World Unit.




Known issues
Below are some of the issues that we've run into and possible solutions for them.

  1. Untranslated lines from a Japanese save
    If you have a Japanese Title set from before this patch, it will be displayed in Japanese until you change it to a Title that is translated.
    Similarly, if you have a character created in the JP version of the game that has JP Auto Words or Quick Orders, they will be in Japanese until you change them to EN manually.
    Old DL Infinity Missions you imported in the JP version of the game require a re-import as well to get the translated version.
    To get the translated DLC from the DLM.DAT, please check the installation guide.

  2. Emulator save quirks / cannot save error message
    Using save states in emulators can result in your game not saving properly anymore through the in-game save function.
    This happens because the game has a check for the save file's date, so if you save in-game and then reload to an older save state, you won't be able to save in-game after that.
    The main way to prevent this issue is to not mix and match your save types, and/or always end your game session with an in-game save.
    If you are having this issue, you can fix it by deleting your current save folder while the game is running (with the character in question), which will then allow the emulator to create a new save.
    Note that this will delete any other characters you may have on the save account except the current one, so back up your save data before attempting this if you don't want to risk data loss.

  3. Auto Words UI overlap in the Friend Search section
    The Auto Words setup screen under the Friend Search section has some overlap with another UI element, but unfortunately there was no easy way to fix this and it's mostly a cosmetic issue.
    The same setup screen accessed from the Start button menu in the normal gameplay modes does not have this problem.

  4. Open Mission progress wall in Story Mode
    At some points in Story Mode you're asked to run an Open Mission and if you cancel the mission you're running without finishing it, the game may not unlock the next story objective even if you finish another Open Mission.
    This is reportedly fixed by running the same mission you abandoned. If that doesn't help, you can try completing various other Open Missions and see if one of them will count.
    Curiously, this bug seems to be an oversight in the original game programming.

  5. Data Install crash
    The Data Install function from the title screen can cause the game to crash on the PPSSPP emulator, so don't use it.
    Everything is located on your HDD/SSD anyway instead of a spinning disc, so there should be no speed difference.
    For the same reason, there is no need to enable this on a real PSP/Vita either since you're running an ISO of the game.
    If you have this installed already somehow, you can remove it by deleting the folder NPJH50332GI in your SAVEDATA folder.

  6. Music loop
    While using PPSSPP, the music can start to cut out and loop if you stay in the same event window for too long.
    Apparently this is an issue with the emulator and also happens in the JP version of the game.
    This shouldn't be a problem during normal gameplay since it only occurs if you idle on the same screen for 10-20+ mins.
    If you leave the game active for extended periods in an event window, the game may eventually freeze up after the music stops and you attempt to transition scenes.
    This will probably take hours so it won't affect normal gameplay, but we recommend pausing the game or saving and exiting if you're not playing it for a long period.

  7. PPSSPP movie playback glitch
    The very first frame of a movie may appear to have some artifacts, but the rest should display properly.

  8. Multi Mode crash
    If the game crashes when you select Multi Mode in PPSSPP, try toggling the Wi-Fi off and back on in settings.

  9. Challenge / Infinity Mission selection crash
    If the game crashes at selecting Challenge or Infinity Missions, try redownloading & reinstalling the DLC.

  10. Infinite mission loading bug in multiplayer on PPSSPP
    The kind of Infinity Mission you don't want.
    Some people have reported that they cannot get missions to finish loading in multiplayer and they end up stuck on the loading screen.
    This mainly seems to affect Windows 7 devices, so if you're having this issue, the easiest way to solve it is to upgrade to a newer version of Windows.

  11. Endless Friend Search
    Using the Friend Search mode from the title screen, the search goes on endlessly and can't be canceled.
    You can still exchange characters by sending your card in multiplayer mode.
    This may be related to the above infinite loading bug, so if you get that you will probably experience this bug as well.

  12. Random freezes & crashes
    Freezes/crashes can occur if you're running different versions of the game in multiplayer, so try to use the same version for both the patch and the DLC.
    The above is only applicable if you somehow have differing versions of the patch and/or the DLC, or if you're mixing the JP & EN versions of the game.
    This is not guaranteed to happen, but if you're having problems, the first thing to try is the above.

  13. Internet-Multi Mode (orange color) Missions can't be played
    Internet-Multi Mode cannot be used as the servers have been shut down.
    This means that any "internet-only" missions cannot be accessed. You can still play online using PPSSPP though, or via ad hoc by using multiple PSP and/or Vita consoles.

  14. (Paid) DLC issues
    DLC items need to be imported at the title screen or they will show up as "Download Item" and possibly untranslated.
    The paid DLC that was available at some point in their store does not fall under the scope of this project.

  15. Dialogue window pointer flickering
    Some testers have noted that the pointer indicating the speaker in the dialogue window may rapidly switch between the two speakers on PPSSPP.
    This is probably fixed by changing your graphical settings in the emulator. Try a different setting for "Backend" such as Direct3D 9 or OpenGL.

  16. DLC data appears as "corrupt" in the Adrenaline menu
    The DLC for the game might not have an icon or appear listed as "corrupt" in Adrenaline.
    This is expected and nothing to worry about, as the content will work properly in the game.
    If you're experiencing actual issues nevertheless, we recommend reinstalling the DLC data and making sure you follow the right folder structures.

  17. Some Infinity Missions may hang when returning to Clad 6
    Some Infinity Missions may hang when returning to Clad 6, especially in Episode 1.
    You may be able to tell if a mission has an issue by starting it, then using the start menu > Mission Data > Quit Mission to see if it freezes.
    A CWCheat has been prepare as a "hotfix" for the problem.

    The following CWCheat will hopefully alleviate the issue.
    As always we recommend taking regular savedata backups.
    If you suspect that this causes unexpected issues please disable the cheat.

    _C1 Mission Hang Hotfix
    _L 0x2013BDF4 0x3C040005
    _L 0x2013BDFC 0x34841000
    _L 0x2013BE30 0x3C060005
    _L 0x2013BE3C 0x34C61000
  18. The status effect name "Taunt" has been used for two different effects
    One version of Taunt should be Charm which makes enemies target the attacker.
    The other version should be Rage which increases your power at low health.
    A list of the affected weapons and a CWCheat has been prepare as a "hotfix" for the problem.

    The following CWCheat should replace the status text.
    As always we recommend taking regular savedata backups.
    If you suspect that this causes unexpected issues please disable the cheat.

    _C1 Taunt Hotfix
    _L 0xE0020000 0x00AFC8B0
    _L 0xE0010054 0x00AFC8B2
    _L 0x20AFC8B0 0x00430000
    _L 0x20AFC8B4 0x00610068
    _L 0x20AFC8B8 0x006D0072
    _L 0xE0020000 0x00AFC900
    _L 0xE0010054 0x00AFC902
    _L 0x20AFC900 0x00520000
    _L 0x20AFC904 0x00670061
    _L 0x20AFC908 0x00000065

    Weapons/instances of each status are:


    Vivienne Punisher - unit
    Innocent Punisher - unit
    Eternal Punisher - unit
    Dream Master
    Shark Puppet
    Rappy Barrel
    Heart Teapot
    Rumbling May
    Cheese Pizza Shield
    Denish Mari
    Hand Spear
    Hand Spear S
    Cheese Pizza Slicer
    Innocent Mari
    Pretty Baton
    Nano Shark Puppets
    Twin Bear Claws
    Twin Bouquets
    Bloody Mari
    Twin Real H.guns G
    Real Hand Gun
    Real Hand Gun G
    Tension Blaster
    Dream Fisher
    Amore Rose
    Love Inferno
    Poron Poron


    Nosmegid - tech
    Twilight Rune
    Angelic Breath
    490 Ossoria Shag
    Final Impact
    Iron Wall Famitsu
    Lavis Cannon
    Twin Brand Replica
    Double Cannon
    Daylight Scar
    Twin Cannon
    Lavis Blades
    Nanoblast Scythes
    Pure Heart Gun
    Magana Revolta
    Bringer Rifle
    Black Rebellion
    Degahna Cannon
    Lavis Arrow
  19. The titles for "Capable of equipping n X-rank weap." have incorrect requirement numbers
    Each title says that the requirement is 25, the actual requirements are 25 C-rank, 20 B-Rank, 15 A-Rank, and 10 S-Rank.

  20. The option for "No Blast Badge" is missing
    For beast characters when changing Blast Badge via the Salon there are only 6 options, whereas the original game has 7. The option for "No Blast Badge" (ブラストバッジなし) is not available. This should hopefully not impact on gameplay in the majority of cases as there is little reason not to have a Blast Badge equipped.

  21. Multiple Mirages/SUV units can be equipped
    In the patched version you can equip multiple Mirages/SUVs, although only one of them will activate.
    This does not appear to cause any notable undesirable effects or crashes.


Infinity Mission system

Infinity Missions can have various special effects attached to them—most of them are straightforward but a few are not, and since the game doesn't have an English manual we've made a section to explain those.
When an entry lists an Attribute and a value, such as "Arm: Dark +50%" or "Wpn: Light +50%," this means that the drop rate of Dark Attribute armors is increased by 50%, and Light Attribute weapons is increased by 50% respectively.
"Attribute: +3%" means that all items you find will have their Attribute increased by that value if applicable.

There is also a "Drops" effect which increases the overall amount of loot you get. The Planetary Treasures system often asks for specific effects, so keep in mind the difference between the overall drop rate (e.g. "Drops: +10%") and increased drop rates for specific Attributes ("Arm: Dark +50%").


Missions that cannot be synthesized or traded
In the extra Infinity Missions included with the DL, there is one named "Mission: Infinity" that cannot be traded nor synthesized. That one has been marked with a × symbol in that tab.

There are some extra things you can do to spruce up the game experience. For example, you can make Infinity run on 60 FPS instead of the normal 30 FPS, and there are higher resolution textures in the works by Rozalin. For news on that project, please visit
Here is a link to a guide on how to use the 60 FPS hack.
Alternative archived link for the guide
If you're having any tech-related issues while using them, we recommend reverting to the normal gameplay experience and see if the problem goes away.

There is now a new PSP2i Wiki which aims to be the #1 source for all information regarding Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity.
Please check out the getting started page on the wiki below.
This page will explain how to set up the english patch, downloadable content, modifications, and multiplayer.
It will also explain how to set up the game in general.

Working on the ripped text files over the years, I've noticed that not everything in the files made it into the game.
For example, at least two dialogue scenes between two characters are missing, and many characters have lines for events that aren't in the game.
This makes me think that there was supposed to be an extra chapter or act that was cut at some point.

There are also a few lines in the files for various missions that aren't displayed, but these might be tech-related on SEGA's end.



Special thanks
Everyone who worked on the patch at some point
Everyone who helped us with something
Anubis1101, for creating the save conversion guide
SuburbMage, for creating the promotion video in this post
People who have been following us over the years—you know who you are
The creator of the "Playing online" guide
SEGA for creating this game





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May 26, 2019
United States
first of all thank you so much for the English patch, I played Episode 1 all over again for nostalgia sake and only recently got to Episode 2. You guys did fantastic work, I am still in awe.
Today I ran into a bit of a problem though, which surprised me since I've never had the patched version of Infinity crash on my before. But for some odd reason Episode 2 can't seem to progress past chapter 2. At the end of the chapter, after the whole "Nagisa threatens Kraz for information" debacle and the normal "End of chapter/Free missions have been updated" screen, the game crashes. It doesn't even save any of the progress regarding the second part of the chapter 2 quest. Upon reloading the save, the entire scouter quest has to be redone. Which is weird. I am aware that right after the end of the quest there is a dialog cutscene in my characters room and then immediately a cut to the little wing office, so there is no real "do you want to save your game" moment - which is super frustrating?
Has this happened to someone else?

Edit: Aaand because this is how it always goes, right after I made this post I gave the quest another try (the forth xD) and it worked this time. Goes to show that this was very likely a problem on my end/ a hickup of the ppsspp build I use. Sorry!

But there is one thing I noticed (I'll add this so that this post is not completely useless XD)
I recently completed the shield entry of the weapon log - and instead of 100%, it shows up as 172% completed. Which is weirdly... specific? XD
Glad you're enjoying it!

When there's a repeatable crash at the same spot, it's usually due to file corruption, and can be resolved by repatching or getting a new ISO file and then repatching. Thank goodness for savestates! Glad to hear you got it working, in any case.

As for the weapon lists, that is something we've seen before, but I'm not sure it's something we can do anything about. It might be a problem built into the game itself. It doesn't really affect anything, thankfully, except if you haven't collected them all yet it'll be a pain to track down the last few to truly get 100%.


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Oct 26, 2020
Ik its strange question but does anyone know it sayo the mystic clothes is in the game and if so does anyone has its Japanese name

Edit: or does anyone has a code to complete the clothes and parts list that would be very helpful
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Jul 15, 2015
Does anyone know how drop bonus increases during an infinity mission? Wiki says the more enemies you slay the more drop bonus is, but I see that it may stop increasing whenever it feels like it. It may grow with each killed enemy until certain (seemingly random) point in a mission, after which no matter how many enemies I kill, drop bonus does not grow anymore.


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Jul 31, 2014
Thanks everyone for your work. Here is proof on how some of us are enjoying the fruits of your labor. All the hours have been played in the English version
I'm glad to hear that, because that's what we're doing it for. :)
What did you run to get that many hours of playtime?

Hi again, regarding future v2 of the patch, can the ability to play Internet Multi Mode version of MAI be included in the patch?
I'm not the programmer, but the answer is most likely no since we just wanted to create a translated version of the game, and all the stuff like higher res textures, higher FPS hacks, or your request are things that players are free to add to their game but they're not our aim.
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Jun 2, 2022
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Long time thread lurker, first time poster here. I just recently finished my playthrough of Episode 2 and wanted to pop in to pay my respects. Thank you so much to JamRules, Weyu, and all of the contributors for all of the hard work you've done to create this patch! PSU is one of my most beloved series, and it really means a lot to me to be able to enjoy its final chapter fully. It was a long wait with quite an interesting history of challenges, but it was well worth being patient for. Thank you!!!
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