Phantasy Star MMO Fans assist please.

Which one is recommended?

  • PSO 1 & 2 + (Dolphin Netplay)

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  • PSO Ambition of the Illuminus (PC + fan server project if any exist)

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  • Phantasy Star Portable (If online is even possible)

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Sonic Angel Knight

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May 27, 2016
New York
United States
This may be a shock to some of you but, I never actually played a MMO before. I tried one and when I say tried, I mean played for no more than three hours and then never touched it again. (Looking at you black desert online) :ninja:

Anyway, I am aware of the announcement of Phantasy star online 2 finally being localized after EIGHT YEARS OF BEING OUT IN JAPAN! :blink:

So I kinda wanted to try a previous game out to see what a true MMO experience plays like. I don't really consider myself a fan of Phantasy Star series in general. I'm aware of it existence and cult following. I only had played the classic ones on megadrive... which I would say that only the 4th one, generations of doom is pretty okay with the other three being almost not even worth my time. (with the exception of the sega ages version released on nintendo switch because it fixed most of the issues I had with the game originally. Now only they could do that with the other three) :yayswitch:

Moving on, those games to put simply aren't even related to the MMO games, the ONLINE UNIVERSE ones. I did at one point have got a copy of phantasy star portable for my psp a few years ago. It played much like a action rpg, I could enjoy it more, but the story and the feeling of loneliness left me bored. There was a second one for psp which I didn't bother cause well I couldn't find the game. Still Is something I didn't have a bad time with unlike the megadrive games.

But now I want to know what a true MMO game experience is like, not the play alone all the time kind of game the psp probably wasn't really meant to be despite having single player modes. So I was curious how do I go about doing this?

I originally planned to get the gamecube game and play it on dolphin. Figured since dolphin has netplay, it must be possible to connect to some kind of server (That may still exist from fan projects) that is until I realized it has four player co-op on a single console. So dolphin has netplay that simulates that with other people, that seem like a good choice. Except who was I going to get to play with me? Also i doubt it's the ideal MMO experience since is just 3 other players.

That was until I found that they have the gamecube game already on pc titled Blue Burst edition which I think is the definitive one...? It says that should have all the content from the gamecube game and probably more. Playing on PC would mean using a actual server and not netplay which emulates "Couch co-op" mode which isn't true MMO experience. (Even if I still want to try) But there is also Phantasy Star Universe which seems newer than Blue Burst along with more focus for single player experience.

I don't know how the fan project server works for these games or the actual definitive ways to play these games, which is why I'm asking someone with experience. So if anyone knows enough about how the fan server works and setting it up and which one I should try, leave a comment about it. :)

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